Questions To Ask A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Los Angeles If You’ve Had An Accident

Being involved in an accident can be frightening, both for the victim and the person at fault. There can be confusion, especially when it’s the first time for both parties. Accidents are either human-made or caused by a mechanical failure. Measures such as dashcams can capture the actual accident. But, it’s a different story when specific events lead to the law’s involvement and your rights.

The following are just some of the most frequently asked questions on pedestrian accidents:

1. How Much Is Your Fee?

You need to know how much you will pay your preferred lawyer. If not having enough cash on hand worries you, there’s no cause for concern. Some lawyers will only need to receive a contingency fee. It’s the sum of money they’re entitled to if they won your case. While that seems like a fair deal, time is still of the essence. You don’t want to waste precious time with a lawyer who has no proper credentials or experience handling a case like yours.

If your pedestrian accident lawyer is experienced and successful, they can deduct anywhere from 25% to 40% from the damages won against the other party.

2. Is My Case Feasible?

Pedestrian accidents vary because of different possible scenarios that can unfold. Overspeeding, ignoring traffic warning signs, or DUI can be proven one way or another. If you’ve been hit by a vehicle, then your primary objective is to confirm that the driver is at fault.

Demanding compensation is your right, especially if you suffered from pain and loss of wages because you cannot work, and if you’re inconvenienced into paying medical bills.

It’s also important to note that if you’re at fault, or only partially at fault for injuring a pedestrian, you won’t be barred from the stature of negligence.

3. Which Insurer Should I Approach First?

If you’re the pedestrian hit by a vehicle, understand that you can seek compensation from your insurer and the other party’s insurance company. You’ll need to ask your lawyer which company should you go to first. At this point, it’s best to approach your insurance company first. That would cause them to investigate the accident to find out who’s really at fault.

You may reach out to the other party’s insurance provider and ask for proof, such as a recorded video. In actuality, it’s best to avoid speaking to the other party as you may say something that they can use against you. But, if your company advises you to talk to them, don’t speculate or assume what happened. Tell them what you know and avoid lying.

4. Do I Still Have A Claim If I Was Walking Outside The Crosswalk When I Got Into An Accident?

Following safety traffic rules goes both ways. Both the driver and the pedestrian should take care to avoid accidents. You can also protect your car from accidents to keep an eye out for pedestrians. Avoid driving while impaired or tired, and don’t go too fast.

It’s easier to blame the driver for maneuvering a big vehicle, but pedestrians can also be responsible. When the pedestrian crossed the road outside of a designated area and got into an accident, it can be challenging to push for compensation. No matter how much of a hurry someone is, never force your luck in the middle of the road. You’ll need to talk with your lawyer to see if you have a case.


You can do more research to determine the necessary facts you need when you got into an accident. But, it’s still your responsibility to know about traffic rules and safety measures even if you don’t drive. Knowing your rights can save you inconveniences, more so, your life. It’s also worth knowing the laws that vary per state to keep yourself safe anywhere you are.