Questions To Ask Limo Services In Denver Colorado

Renting a limo is a great way to add style to any event. Whether it’s your wedding, a romantic date night, or your prom night around the Denver area, you might want to hire Denver limo services for the occasion. As with any service you’d want to hire, ensuring its reliability is a must. Before finally deciding on a company, try asking the following questions to help you choose the right team for you.

What licenses does your business have?

All transportation companies are required by law to obtain the appropriate licenses. On top of having a license to operate as a limo service Denver, the company should also have a business registration in the city, a municipal license, and other legal documents.

Are you insured?

Transportation services such as limo providers should be covered with an insurance policy. This is very important in case anything bad happens. You can also request to check their license to operate, which should contain information on their insurance company, the date of expiration, and their insurance policy number.

How do you hire your drivers?

Limo drivers and chauffeurs should have a DMV license. The limo service provider should also check their drivers for criminal background and ask that they pass a drug test. A good limo company should have vetted all their employees before hiring them.

Are your chauffeurs or drivers contractors or employees?

There are limo companies that look for contractors to provide their services and help them meet the demands on busy seasons. Contractors usually don’t undergo a rigid screening procedure compared to employed drivers. This means that you may not enjoy a similar care from contractors like you would from employed drivers.

Can you show me the limousines you have available?

You may simply ask for the year and model of the limousines you are interested in but it’s better to have a close look. Ask to look at the unit before renting it. You’d want to check the vehicle’s condition inside and out. You’d also want to know if the unit comes with a functional fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit.

What is the seating capacity of the limos?

Each limousine unit comes with a specific seating capacity to ensure safety and comfort. Choose a limo company that will strictly follow the correct seating capacity for their limos. This shows that they value their customers’ comfort and security.

How do you maintain your units?

It’s crucial to ensure that the limo service company has its maintenance program for their vehicles. It would also be great to know if the company checks each unit before they send it over to their customer’s location.

What’s included in your rates?

Ask the company what the inclusions are when renting a limo. Ensure that they provide an itemized list. It can include toll, parking, fuel fees, and driver tips.  Are you looking for a great option check out Arizona Sedan & Limo Service.

What will happen in case the rented limo breaks down?

Despite checking the unit before going, accidents may happen. Because of this, you’d want to know if the company is ready to cover you in case of any accidents. Ask if the company can send over a replacement vehicle as soon as they can. They can also send a mechanic over to your location if a replacement is not available.

What is your cancellation policy?

You’d also want to know what happens if you suddenly change your schedule. If ever you need to cancel your booking for whatever reason you have, you also need to know if you’ll be charged an hourly minimum or you’ll have to pay for the driver’s tip. Also find out when you need to cancel to avoid cancellation fees or if the deposit is refundable or not.

How will the chauffeurs dress?

This question is important if you’re hiring a limousine for a formal occasion and you want everything and everyone to look their best. If it’s an issue for you, ask what the chauffeur’s outfit will be. Limo service companies will usually have their drivers wear a suit, so that they can easily fit in at any special events.

Will you provide references?

Aside from checking out online reviews of the limo company, you can also ask them for references. Take the time to check out these reviews to know the company’s strengths and weaknesses and to later help you in choosing the best service for you.  Be sure to take in other considerations like this list of products.

Final Thoughts

Whether your wedding is upcoming or you’re expecting a client for a business meeting, hiring a limousine service is a good idea. While there are many companies to choose from, the inclusions in their rates can vary. To ensure that you’re getting the best out of your money and experience, asking the company some questions will ensure that you make a good choice in the end.