Ripple Crypto Latest News

Ripple coin is one of the top-ranked crypto assets that draw investors attention. Ripple appeared much earlier than Bitcoin – the leader in the crypto market. Initially, the project was developed with the purpose of facilitating financial transactions around the world. Ripple’s creator is Canadian programmer Ryan Fuger. Initially, he wanted to develop a technology for international payments that would significantly speed up the transfer of money and reduce transaction costs. However, the project did not find sufficient support and investment at that stage of its development, but the developers did not give in and kept working on the project.

Over time, Ripple underwent a series of upgrades and eventually managed to attract enough funding to become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. In 2022, the XRP Ripple holds to around $0.45. In all cryptocurrency rankings, Ripple is among the to-traded assets.

Some Information about Ripple Cryptocurrency

Ripple XRP cryptocurrency is a popular crypto asset and you may have heard a lot of news about XRP on the internet. It is not just a cryptocurrency but a truly international platform that enables real-time cross-border payments without delay. Unlike other cryptocurrencies traded on exchanges, XRP can be bought directly with European currencies. For example, it is possible to buy Ripple XRP with a debit card on the White BIT platform or any other large crypto exchange.

Latest News about Ripple Coin

Ripple has been in litigation with the SEC for several years. As a result, the value of Ripple’s assets has not increased much. However, despite the problems with the SEC, the company has already partnered with several large companies that use Ripple technology. Over 300 financial institutions are now using Ripple technology. The platform’s application scope spreads across 40 counties.

Here are some large companies that integrated Ripple technology into their business:

  • Mercury FX
  • IDT
  • Catalyst Corporate
  • Cuallix

Large companies have pledged to use Ripple technology to conduct low-cost, lightning-fast transactions anywhere in the world. Crypto analysts believe that the Ripple crypto price could rise once the court case between Ripple and the SEC is concluded. It will take time for the two sides to reach a settlement. In the meantime, you can invest in Ripple through the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. The platform operates officially and complies with regulations and laws, takes good care of clients’ safety and enables fast, cheap and efficient trading tools.