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Romantic American Road Trip Destinations for Couples


If you are thinking of a fun and memorable activity that you can do with your significant other, going on a road trip is one of the best options that you have. It is indeed romantic to embark on an epic road trip with the one you love by your side. Also, road-tripping as a couple is about overcoming obstacles, strengthening your relationship, and discovering the world together, no matter where you plan to go. But there are also some ingredients that make for more romantic road trips than others, which include beautiful scenery.

There are many romantic destinations in the United States where couples can discover the most beautiful attractions in America side by side. It is home to thousands of miles of scenic roadways with many national parks, beaches, and mountain vistas along the way. Therefore, if you are planning to take your significant other with you on a road trip, we are here to help. In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of romantic American road trip destinations for couples.

Miami to the Florida Keys Overseas Highway

the Overseas Highway from Florida Keys

If you want to experience a drive like no other with the love of your life, you can go to the Overseas Highway from Miami to Key West. The road is suspended over water almost the whole time. It is a 113-mile roadway that crosses 42 bridges from Miami to the southernmost point of the United States. By the end of the road trip, you will be closer to Cuba than you are to Miami.

When you choose this road trip destination, you will first hit Key Largo, which is home to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. You may enjoy a view of the reef here from a glass-bottom boat tour. Aside from that, you may also try scuba diving or snorkeling at this underwater playground.

After that, you will arrive at Marathon, where you will find the Dolphin Research Center and the 1,000-acre Curry Hammock State Park. Then, you will cross the Seven Mile Bridge, which is a pure, green-blue ocean drive, before you arrive at Big Pine Key. You may spend the night at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, which is just off Big Pine Key on Little Torch Jey. When you are here, you are only 45 minutes north of Key West. You can end your road trip in Key West at Mallory Square for the most romantic event of the evening, which is the Sunset Celebration.

Oregon Coast Highway 101

A coastal road trip is also one of the most romantic road trips that you can try with the one you love. The Pacific Coast in Oregon is known for its gravity-defying cliffs, wild shoreline, and peculiar coastal towns. There are also many restaurants near the shore where you can enjoy a glass of wine as the sun sets into the ocean. Spending five days on the Oregon Coast Highway may convince you that it is among the most beautiful and most romantic road trips you can experience not just in the United States but in the whole world.

The highway covers about 340 miles, which you can certainly finish in a weekend. But if you are into slow travel, you can spend five days to have lots of time to explore while spending three to four hours in the car each day.

The trip starts on the northern border in the town of Astoria, where three rivers converge with the Pacific Ocean. From there, you will drive southward, stopping at ocean overlooks, coastal hiking trails, and tiny surf shops. You may also explore the galleries and boutiques in Manzanita, try ice cream at Tillamook Creamery, and tour the Cape Meares Lighthouse.

The best time to take this road trip is during summer or early fall. There are also a lot of choices when it comes to inns and cottages where you can stay, as well as shops and restaurants that you may enjoy.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Another romantic road trip destination for couples is the 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway, which is also referred to as America’s favorite drive. It meanders through the mountains from Rockfish Gap, Virginia south to Cherokee, North Carolina. You will surely kindle a bit of romance on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and you may also become a dedicated road-tripper after this adventure if you aren’t one already.

It is easy to travel on the Blue Ridge Parkway and find attractions, vistas, and hikes, as long as you pay attention to your mileposts. The numbers begin at 0 at the northern entrance in Waynesboro, Virginia, and end at milepost 469 in Cherokee, North Carolina at the southern entrance. There are also many places to get on and off the parkway along the way.

You may drive the whole Blue Ridge Parkway for five to seven days. If you have plenty of time, you may also stay a few days in Roanoke, Virginia, which is a great small city in America. There are many campgrounds on the Blue Ridge Parkway if you want your trip to be romantic but affordable. But you also have the option to go glamping if you crave comfort. The best time to go on a road trip on Blue Ridge Parkway is from May through October, especially if you are planning to go camping.

California and Nevada Hot Springs and Hiking

If you want a quiet and romantic road trip with your significant other, you can visit the lonely desert highways, weird roadside attractions, and a mix of thrilling outdoor adventures on the quiet side of California and Nevada. It is one of the most romantic road trips for lovers who are looking for solitude.

This is a ten-day California and Nevada road trip. It begins in the crazy-busy, must-visit Yosemite National Park, where you will head off the beaten path from there. However, this road trip is not for everyone. It is an ultimate quirky, but scenic route that begins in the Sierra Nevada mountains and ends in the intimate metropolis of Reno, Nevada. It is a 1,200-mile road trip that you will surely enjoy with your love. The best time to take this road trip is every September or October for cool temperatures and fewer crowds.

Vermont to New Hampshire

Another romantic road trip idea that you can try with the one you love is through the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire. On this road trip, you can discover neat villages, rocky mountain peaks, more craft beer than you can conceivably drink, and creaky rocking chairs on the front porch of each general store. The mountains in New England are ancient and forested, and the back roads lead to all kinds of surprises that haven’t been discovered yet.

It is a 460-mile loop that starts and ends in Portsmouth, which is one of the oldest settlements in New England. It may take you around five to seven days for this road trip. You may also spend a few days in Portsmouth before driving north into the White Mountains if you are craving sea breezes or seafood.

There are many beautiful places where you can stay throughout the road trip. The best time to take this road trip is every October, as it is phenomenal for fall foliage. But make sure that you book lodging in advance as it is a busy time to visit.

Montana’s Glacier County

Hiking, mountain biking, and skiing are a few of the offerings in Big Sky Country. Start your romantic road trip in Missoula, which is the cultural hub of Montana and home to the University of Montana. You can spend some time here by exploring nearby natural hot springs or visiting River City Brews Rafting Tours for a guided trip down the river with stops at local breweries, taprooms, and cideries.

Then, drive up to Flathead Lake, which is the major natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, which is more than 200 square miles of water for sailing, waterskiing, and fly-fishing. After spending the night here, you can continue another 40 miles north to Whitefish, which offers key hiking and skiing opportunities. You may also try a coffee roasting tour by Montana Coffee Traders. After that, finish off at Glacier National Park to enjoy majestic mountain and lakeside scenery.

Chicago to Santa Monica

You can start this road trip by sharing a slice of deep-dish pizza and visiting many romantic roadside diners, which you can find along the route to Santa Monica. It is a road trip route that screams old-school romance. It is a 2,500-mile route that takes around 40 hours to complete. The drive features many historical and interesting places to explore.

In this road trip, you will be driving through the iconic Route 66, which is a must-drive route for anyone who can drive. But it is extra special for couples to take on as the “Mother Road” gives unforgettable memories at places like the Cadillac Ranch, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Santa Monica Pier, the Petrified Forest National Park, and the Blue Dome Entertainment District. However, note that it is quite challenging to find parking in Chicago. Therefore, make sure that you have a spot booked in advance before you start your road trip.

New York City to Shelter Island

This one is an underrated road trip route but is perfect for couples who are looking for a romantic time together. It involves driving to an island with no bridges for a road trip. Shelter Island is casually located between Long Islands and South Forks. It is a majestic and dreamlike place to be, especially for couples.

If you are done exploring New York City, you may leave your parking spot there and head straight towards either the North Ferry or South Ferry. Both of these ferry rides offer access to Shelter Island. The road trip from New York City to Shelter Island usually takes around 2 hours. It spans more than 100 miles in total, which is one of the best choices when it comes to Valentine’s Day or anniversary trips.

This road trip will allow you to drive out into the many untouched beaches and manor houses. They offer a whole new different experience from what you have previously experienced on the mainland. There are also many places you can visit on Shelter Island, such as its Historical Society, the Mashomack Preserve, the Orient Beach State Park, and Wades Beach.


Going on a road trip with the love of your life is indeed among the best ways to spend some time together, whether you are celebrating your anniversary, birthday, or a milestone together. It is a whole new experience to discover new places together and enjoy different activities and adventures. The United States offers a lot of wonderful places for people who love to go on road trips. The ones we mentioned here are only a few of the best ones that you can visit with your significant other. Therefore, if you haven’t thought of any plans yet for your upcoming anniversary, or if you just want a unique way to spend some time with your love, going on a road trip together is one of the best options. We hope this article helped you learn more about romantic American road trip destinations for couples.

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