RV 101: Understanding the Different Types of RVs


The term RV is a very generic term. Do you know the different types of RVs? Here is what you need to know about each kind.

Thinking about going on a road trip? With winter moving out and spring fast approaching, a nice trip with the family is something that you really need to do this year. And what better way to do that than to go across the States in an RV?

RV traveling is an amazing experience in itself, and will certainly help you manage the cost of the trip itself in many areas. That being said, you’ll want to be able to choose the right RV for you and your family’s needs without going over the budget. But how does one learn about to types of RVs out on the market, and what should you know about each one?

This article will help you to understand what you need to know about RVs, and how you can choose the right one for you and your family’s needs. Keep reading this article to find out more!

Types of RVs: The Classic Class A

We’ve all seen the classic RV shape; many people endearingly call it “the box”. This motorhome is officially known as a class A motorhome, and features the box-style look we’ve all come to know and love.

The RVs in this class tend to be the most spacious. Their build allows for lots of space, so they’re great for carrying a sizable crowd. Read more to discover the best class A motorhomes reviews and benefits.

Class B: Small Trip, Small Van

In the case that you’re only going somewhere by yourself or with a partner, you really have no need for a class A motorhome. The Class be is perfect for the small group or the shorter road trip.

Class B motorhomes are essentially van conversion. This means that it started it’s life as a van, and later became a vehicle worthy of the long haul. You’ll feel like you’re in a moving hotel with this RV.

Class C: The Best of Both Worlds

The last category of RVs is the Class C model. These RVs are a combination of Classes A and B, giving you the best of both worlds.

In most cases, Class C RVs have mid-size spacing, being smaller than Class A but bigger than Class B. This makes navigation easier in the town limits, while still carrying a nice crowd.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in your RV, you can prepare to buy one of your own. Sites such as https://www.leisurelandrvcenter.com/ are a perfect way to get started with the search. Before you know it, you’ll be rolling around in your new RV going on all of the most amazing family trips!

Let’s Talk Cars

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