Should you Buy a Truck or a Car?


Unless you choose based on a pressing need, you might find it difficult to pick between a truck and a car. While trucks offer extended versatility, they might not suit your budget or needs. On the other hand, cars may not deliver when transporting cargo.

Are you having trouble deciding whether to buy a truck or a car? Here are key differences that can help you make an informed decision.

Differences between Trucks and Cars

The differences between cars and trucks often extend beyond size and function. Settling on one of these options without assessing multiple features might lead to a biased decision. Top differences between trucks and cars include:

Fuel Efficiency

Cars offer better fuel economy compared to trucks. While cars provide an average fuel economy of 24.20 MPG, trucks have an average MPG of 17.50. Essentially, cars will use an average of 474 gallons of gas per year compared to trucks which can use up to 660 gallons per year.

As gas prices surge, many buyers are also mindful of their vehicles’ gas mileage. Ultimately, the type of gas you use on your truck or car influences the cost of filling up your tank.


Typically, the type of automotive you want to buy will influence the amount you will pay. You might expect to pay less for a car than a comparable new truck. However, when you consider the luxurious offerings, differences in prices between trucks and sedans will change.

Also, used cars and trucks often have almost similar prices. Therefore, looking at the price alone won’t help you make a clear-cut decision. Keep in mind that you will need to pay for a truck driving license if you’ll be operating a heavy-duty truck.

Cargo transport and towing

A truck’s ability to pull heavy items and haul cargo makes it superior to a car when it comes to cargo transport. Very few cars can match up to trucks’ towing capacity, regardless of their towing capacity or cargo room. However, most trucks will offer you cargo room and fail to deliver on ample legroom.

Trucks may often fail to meet your needs if you have a large family. Besides, you might need to buy a truck toolbox to secure your cargo on a truck. If you research comprehensively, you may find cars that deliver decent towing capacity on light objects. Also, remember to consider your maximum towing capacity before settling blindly on a truck.

Maintenance Costs

Car maintenance costs usually contribute to the total vehicle’s cost-to-own. These costs involve inspections, replacements, or repair of different components, including filters, wipers, belts, tires, brakes, shocks, fluids, and brake lights.

Maintaining medium sedans will often cost you more compared to maintaining trucks. In fact, overlooking a full-size truck for a small sedan may not save you as much as you imagine on the maintenance costs. Also, there isn’t a significant difference in DIY truck maintenance compared to at-home sedan maintenance.

Reliability and Longevity

Besides maintenance costs, you also need to consider a vehicle that will serve you consistently for a long time. Truck-based SUVs often deliver when you’re looking for reliability and longevity. Sedans hardly match up with trucks when it comes to longevity. However, if you change your cars often, choose a reliable car.

What should you settle on?

Looking at data alone may not help you choose between a truck and a car. This choice should be a personal decision based on your needs, budget, and preferences. Ensure that you still conduct enough research to make an informed decision. Ultimately, settle on a choice that matches your lifestyle and addresses your needs.


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