Should You Lease or Buy a Commercial Truck?


When you’re running a trucking company, every penny counts. In today’s world of runaway inflation, truck driver shortages, and endless worldwide logistics problems, everyone in the shipping industry is impacted by setbacks in one way or another. When facing these issues, you can’t afford to make decisions that will cost your company extra money.

The Time to Get More Trucks is Now

You also can’t afford to stall. If you’ve got drivers waiting around for work because there aren’t any trucks available to drive, they won’t be waiting around your offices for long. Likewise, if you have a shortage of trucks and drivers, you’re stuck in a situation where earnings are just slipping through your fingers because you cannot fulfill your commitments.

The Benefits of Leasing a Commercial Truck

Leasing the truck from is a great way to get your drivers behind the wheel fast. If you don’t have the money to purchase a truck today, leasing will allow you to create the earnings you need to purchase it later.

Another positive side of leasing a big rig truck is that you won’t be adding wear and tear to your own. When you’re leasing a truck, you don’t have to worry about how the work that you’re putting it through is breaking down the investment that you’ve made. On the other hand, there’s a higher chance that a truck that you’re leasing already has more wear on it than even most used trucks that you might buy, so you’ll want to be careful when deciding which truck to lease and be sure to ask a lot of questions about that vehicle’s history.

The Benefits of Buying a Commercial Truck

On the other hand, when you decide to buy your commercial trucks, you’ll gain more control over your vehicle. One of the best parts about being a truck driver is that you get to modify the rig that you drive with upgrades and décor to fit your personal taste. If you only ever lease your vehicles, you’ll lose this advantage, which means that you might enjoy your job less.

You’ll also get to choose the perfect vehicle for your tastes. If you want to drive the best trucks on the market, you can buy Western Star trucks for yourself or your team of drivers. When you gain this advantage, you’ll enjoy the power behind the wheel, but you’ll also be able to appreciate the durability that these trucks are known for.

What is the Best Strategy?

Most truck drivers prefer to own their vehicles since they gain more control over the truck they’ll drive daily. If you manage a trucking company, you will likely want to own your vehicles for the same reason, especially if you find it challenging to deal with leasing schedules on top of shipping logistics.

Even if you want to own your trucks, you can start out by leasing as a way to earn the money you need to get your trucking business off the ground. Find a commercial truck dealer that offers both leasing options and used trucks for sale, so you’ll be all set when the time comes to buy.

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