Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Spark Plugs


There are many important parts that are found in vehicles, but none is as important as the spark plug, which is the one responsible for activating the vehicle so that it can start and do its intended purpose: for transporting you from one place to another. 

Without a spark plug, the vehicle is basically useless, as there is no way for the engines to activate and the car’s battery to turn on. So, a car needs a properly functioning spark plug for it to be useful. Because spark plugs are one of the smallest parts of the vehicle, they are often prone to breakages and damage. As such, maintenance should always be the main priority when it comes to spark plugs, as the longevity and usefulness of your vehicle heavily rely on the condition of its spark plugs.

Because spark plugs are so small, it is very challenging to spot faults or problems on them. However, with a few simple tricks and signs, you can identify the issues immediately by just using your good ears and eyes. Here are the signs that it’s time to change your car’s spark plugs as recommended by

Misfiring Engine

When your engine fails to start two or more times, this is a sign that your spark plug is worn out or damaged. Engine misfires are a common symptom for old and broken spark plugs, so once you encounter a misfire on your vehicle, it may be time to get your car inspected in an auto repair center. Misfiring engines would also cause more problems in the car, as it would send raw fuel into the exhaust and thus damage your catalytic converter.

Acceleration Struggles

With a faulty spark plug, your vehicle will have a difficult time accelerating since the spark plug cannot provide enough power in the combustion chamber. When your car has a damaged spark plug, it would usually run slower than normal, so you would struggle in trying to make it go faster manually. When this symptom shows up, it would be best to replace the spark plug immediately so that your vehicle can run smoother and more efficiently.

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The Check Engine Light is On

A great feature that most modern vehicles have is the “check engine light,” which helps you to see if the engine has complications or inconsistencies. If the “check engine light” is on, there is one specific fault within the engine that may be caused by several factors, including damaged spark plugs. Always keep an eye on the “check engine light” whenever you are starting your car so that you can spot issues with the engine right away.

Poor Fuel Management

If you notice that your car consumes way too much fuel in one trip, there may be something wrong with your spark plugs. Poor fuel management is likely caused by your spark plugs that cannot give ample power and force to your engine, which would lead to the engine not being able to burn fuel effectively. Because of this, there is so much wasted fuel that is left unburned or not properly burned inside the engine, thus making the car consume too much fuel while not giving enough moving power in return. 

Poor fuel management is a big problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible because it makes you lose more money while also making the car prone to more damages. If you think the spark plugs are the cause of this dilemma, you should bring your car to a local mechanic or auto repair shop that will give you better solutions to fix the issue.

Noisy Engine

Another sign that you should change your spark plugs is a noisy engine, which is most likely caused by one of the spark plugs not functioning properly to give power to one of the engine’s cylinders. If a spark plug is unable to produce energy for one cylinder, the other cylinders of the engine would need to overwork themselves to compensate for the faulty cylinders. 

The overworked cylinders are the ones that create the loud noise within the engine and not exactly the faulty spark plug. If you fail to change the damaged spark plug, it may cause damage not only to the cylinder it is partnered with but the entire engine as well since the other cylinders are moving too much.

Those are the five important signs that you should look for to determine if the spark plugs need to be replaced. All of the parts of your car are important, so we would recommend our readers to get their cars through regular inspections and checkups to ensure that the car parts are always intact and in great condition. Keeping your car in good shape is essential to prolong its life and save you money in maintenance, safety, repairs, and replacements.

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