Signs Your Car Needs Immediate Service


A car is a convenient mode of transportation. It can get you from one point to another without a lot of hassle. You can use your vehicle conveniently whether you go to work or travel with family and friends.

However, it’s important to know that a vehicle is only so good when it is working. It can be stressful when it has an issue. That is why regular maintenance is recommended to avoid any serious issues down the road. In general, frequent car maintenance has various advantages. By having your car tested and maintained, you may improve its safety by preventing its components and parts from becoming damaged. Maintenance can also help your car perform well and retain its value. Finally, having your vehicle serviced can save you money on costly repairs and replacements.

Having said that, regular maintenance is essential to ensuring that your car runs smoothly. However, to get started, you may need to get your vehicle evaluated for any underlying issues. This is where vehicle inspection services come into play. There are numerous service providers available to assist you in determining whether your vehicle is still roadworthy. They can inspect essential automotive components, such as suspension, wheel alignment, and brakes.

However, apart from hiring a vehicle inspection service, you can educate yourself on common automotive problems, so you’ll know what to do to address them. Typically, there are some signs that will tell you that there is a serious issue with your vehicle and such signs should never be ignored. Here are some of the signs that your car needs immediate service.

Flashing Check Engine Light

If the check engine light is showing, then there is definitely a problem with the car which will need to be fixed immediately. It could be an issue with the numerous systems in your car. You can only self-diagnose if you’re a mechanic by profession. You’re likely to notice the vehicle driving differently than you’re used to.

Smoke Under the Hood

Any vehicle that is in good shape should not have smoke coming from under the hood. This is usually a sign there is a problem with a mechanical component in the engine or the areas around it. It is also a sign of overheating and the culprit will be the radiator in most cases. Make sure to always have an eye on the temperature gauge. If it is higher than normal, you need to check the problem under the hood.

Excess Smoke From the Exhaust

This is usually a sign that there is an oil leak and it is accompanied by a burning smell. During the colder months, you might notice that the smoke that is coming out is white. This is perfectly normal because of the water vapor that is coming from the exhaust system. The white smoke should go away after some time. If you notice there is excess smoke coming from the exhaust, it will be time to visit a mechanic.

Transmission Problems

You should pay a special focus on how your car operates under normal conditions. This will be helpful if you’re to notice any changes with the way the vehicle functions. For example, if you notice your car’s transmission leaks fluid and there are no other symptoms, you can resolve this issue by refilling the transmission fluid and fixing the source of the leaks. To ensure the transmission is free from contaminants, flush the system before adding new liquid.

However, if there is a delay in picking up speed or you’re hearing some funny noises, there will be no other option but to look for a technician. There could be an issue with the transmission and the only way to be certain about what’s going on is by going for a checkup.


This will be easy to spot because you can see the leaks where you park. In the hotter months, you can expect freshwater to be dripping because of the AC which is perfectly normal. If you notice a green or black liquid, it could be the coolant or the transmission fluid. There could be a problem with the radiator which will need to be fixed as soon as possible.  You should get the best radiator stop leak to get that fixed.

Noise While Driving

When you hear noise while driving, the first thing to do would be to investigate where it is coming from. It could be a problem with the wheel or differential bearing and the only way to be certain is to check. Your local shop will give you an estimate of how much it will take to fix the issue after running a diagnosis. If it is a squealing or grinding noise, the issue could be the brake pads that might need to be replaced.

Engine Shaking

Most of the problems with the car can be fixed but the same can’t be said of the engine. If you hear the engine shaking, there is a chance the issue could be performance-related and the car will need tuning. The mechanic will need to take it for a test drive so that the exact issue can be established.

Shaky Ride

This could be an issue with the suspension of the car. It is usually accompanied by some funny noises which will only go away once you’ve replaced the shock absorbers. It could also be a bad tie rod end which affects the whole wheel system of the car.

To sum it up, regular service will help with some of the problems we’ve mentioned. Such problems can easily be fixed if they’re discovered early. Waiting until it is too late could lead to expensive replacements. Your safety could also be compromised and you will never know until you’ve been involved in an accident. Make sure to be attentive always when on the road so that you can notice whenever there are changes to your car.


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