Six Reasons Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are The Best Option for Luxury Vehicle Storage


Vehicle storage isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. If you choose the wrong type of storage, you could end up with all types of problems, ranging from storm damage to pest infestations.

Your luxury vehicle is not only a major financial investment, but it is your prized possession and you want to keep it safe and protected. Pre-engineered steel buildings make the perfect luxury vehicle storage because they are strong, long-lasting, and resistant to things like mold, moisture, fire, and pests. A steel building can provide a safe and secure place for your vehicle to be stored.

Here are six reasons pre-engineered steel buildings make great luxury vehicle storage.

1. Steel Buildings fit the Aesthetic of Classic and Modern Cars

Whether you have a classic car or a modern luxury vehicle, you want your vehicle to be safe, and you want its storage facility to match the style and aesthetic of your ride. Fortunately, steel buildings are extremely customizable. You can choose the color and design of the walls, trim, downspouts, and more. Steel buildings can come with a timeless design that compliments your classic care, or they can be designed to look more modern if you’re housing a new model.

2. Reliable Protection Against Wind, Rain, and Fire

A pre-engineered steel building for vehicle storage can provide you with reliable protection against all that mother nature has to bring.

  • Wind protection – If you live in a state that gets a lot of tornadoes or hurricanes, protecting your luxury vehicle from wind is essential. Steel buildings can be engineered to withstand winds of 180+ MPH, keeping your vehicle safe from the vast majority of tornadoes and hurricanes. Steel is also lightweight, so unlike wood or concrete, it is able to bend and move with the wind rather than snap or collapse.
  • Rain protection – Unlike wood, steel is an inorganic material that does not trap moisture. In the event of a flood or a leak, steel won’t absorb water which makes it mold, mildew, and rot-resistant. A pre-engineered steel vehicle storage building will keep your luxury car safe and dry.
  • Fire protection – Steel does not catch on fire as easily as wood does because it is not a flammable material. In the event of a wildfire or an electrical fire, steel will only sustain minimal damage, and the structure itself will remain intact.

3. Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Have a Unique, Clear-Span Design

Another reason to choose steel buildings for luxury vehicle storage is because of their clear-span design. The pre-engineered steel framework is so strong that interior support columns and trusses are not needed to support the structure–no matter how large your building is! This results in an open-space, clear-span design. Without support columns in your way, you can park your vehicle wherever you want. You can move it around for easy maintenance or stage it the way you want for photos. Not only that, but clear-span designs give you more usable space, so you can always add another luxury vehicle when you’re ready!

4. Steel Buildings are Very Low Maintenance

When it comes to storing your luxury vehicle, you want your storage space to work for you–not against you. If you’re spending more time maintaining the storage facility than you are enjoying your car, you have a problem! Fortunately, pre-engineered steel buildings are extremely low maintenance.

Once your steel building is erected, there will be very little you have to do to maintain it. When constructed properly, your steel building will be able to endure a variety of problems, ranging from sun and heat to snow and freezing temperatures. Usually, the only maintenance required has to deal with exterior paint, a cheap and easy fix.

Because of how low-maintenance steel buildings are, you’ll save money on maintenance costs down the line. That means you can put more time and energy into your luxury vehicle!

5. Steel Buildings are Easy to Move if you Relocate

If you decide to relocate, you don’t want to have to leave your luxury vehicle storage facility behind. However, wood and concrete structures typically can’t be relocated with you.

Pre-engineered steel buildings, on the other hand, can be relocated easily and cost-effectively. Whether you need to move your storage building to the other side of your property or to an entirely new state, steel buildings give you the freedom and flexibility to do so while still providing your luxurious car with protection.

6. Keep Pests Away From Your Vehicle

Finally, steel is 100% inorganic, so unlike wood, it doesn’t attract pests like termites or wood-boring beetles. The last thing you want to happen is to get a pest infestation in your car because your storage building is infested, but when you choose steel, this isn’t something you have to worry about!

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know why steel buildings are the best luxury vehicle storage, it’s time to get started! A pre-engineered steel building can be erected in a matter of days or weeks after contracting a steel building provider near you.

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