Spotlight on Innovative Smaller Automakers


Behind major car manufacturers such as Ford, BMW, Chrysler, General Motors and Toyota, there are smaller manufacturers that design and build innovative cars that may one day become big hits in the modern automotive industry.

The automotive industry is crowded with many brands.   In the shadow of automotive giants like Toyota, Ford, and Volkswagen, a myriad of smaller automakers are making significant contributions to the global car industry. These companies, though lesser-known, bring innovative designs, specialized vehicles, and unique approaches to automotive engineering. In this post, we’ll delve into some of these smaller automakers and their impact on the industry.

The Niche Innovators

  1. Morgan Motor Company (UK): Known for its classic design and hand-built cars, Morgan stands out for its use of ash wood in car frames and its focus on lightweight, high-performance vehicles. Each Morgan car is a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern technology, offering a unique driving experience.
  2. Koenigsegg (Sweden): A relative newcomer, Koenigsegg has quickly made a name for itself in the hypercar market. Known for their innovation, luxury, and record-breaking performance, Koenigsegg cars combine cutting-edge technology with striking designs.
  3. Pagani (Italy): Pagani specializes in producing limited-run, high-performance supercars. Their vehicles are renowned for exquisite craftsmanship, attention to detail, and unparalleled performance, making them a favorite among enthusiasts.
  4. Spyker Cars (Netherlands): Though small in production scale, Spyker is big on luxury and performance. Their cars are known for their distinctive, aviation-inspired design and fine craftsmanship.
  5. Hennessey Performance: Hennessey Performance, an American company, specializes in modifying sports cars from various brands to enhance their performance. Known for its record-breaking modifications, Hennessey has made a name in the industry for high-performance upgrades and bespoke vehicles.

Specialists in Their Field

Super Lightweight Sports Car Caterham Seven

  1. Caterham Cars (UK): Focusing on lightweight sports cars, Caterham is known for its Caterham 7, a car celebrated for its classic design and exceptional handling. Caterham appeals to drivers who crave a pure, unadulterated driving experience.
  2. Wiesmann (Germany): This boutique manufacturer specializes in hand-built custom sports cars. Combining retro design with modern technology, Wiesmann cars are both visually stunning and performance-oriented.
  3. Rimac Automobili (Croatia): Pioneers in electric hypercars, Rimac is at the forefront of electric vehicle technology. Their cars offer a blend of high-end luxury and groundbreaking performance, showcasing the potential of electric powertrains.
  4. SSC North America (North America): SSC North America, formerly known as Shelby SuperCars Inc., is a Washington-based automobile manufacturer known for producing high-performance hypercars. One of its notable models, the SSC Tuatara, has been designed to challenge global speed records, emphasizing aerodynamics and lightweight construction.

The Trailblazers

  1. Ariel Motor Company (UK): Known for the Ariel Atom, a high-performance sports car with an exoskeletal design, Ariel stands out for its focus on lightweight, high-performance vehicles.
  2. Bollinger Motors (USA): Specializing in electric utility vehicles, Bollinger is carving a niche with its rugged, all-electric trucks and SUVs designed for both on-road and off-road use.
  3. Elio Motors:  Elio Motors, founded by Paul Elio, aimed to revolutionize the automotive industry with its three-wheeled car, designed for high fuel efficiency and affordability. Though the company faced financial hurdles and delays in production, its vision to provide an economical and environmentally friendly vehicle garnered significant attention.
  4. Local Motors: Local Motors is known for its unique approach to car manufacturing, which involves co-creation and microfactories. The company gained fame for creating the world’s first 3D-printed car, showcasing innovation in manufacturing techniques and vehicle design.
  5. Mastretta Cars: Mastretta Cars, a Mexican car manufacturer, gained attention with the Mastretta MXT, a lightweight sports car. The MXT, known for its agility and performance, represented Mexico’s venture into the sports car segment of the automobile industry.
  6. Commuter Cars: Commuter Cars, the company behind the Tango, an ultra-narrow electric car, focused on solving urban mobility issues. The Tango’s compact design aimed to reduce traffic congestion and parking difficulties, marking a novel approach in urban vehicle design.

Emerging Small EV Automakers to Watch

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is burgeoning with new and innovative players beyond the well-known giants. Here are some of the smaller EV automakers making waves in the industry:

  1. Renovo Motors: Based in Silicon Valley, Renovo Motors debuted its electric supercar, the Renovo Coupe, an electrified version of the classic Shelby Daytona CSX9000. This supercar offers impressive specs like 1,000 pounds of torque and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under 3.4 seconds​​.
  2. INDI EV: A Southern California-based startup, INDI EV is introducing an electric crossover, the INDI One. It features a 95-kWh battery, a range of up to around 300 miles, and includes a unique “supercomputer” under its hood for gaming and content creation​​.
  3. VinFast: This Vietnamese car brand has ambitious global plans, including EV plants in Germany and the USA. Known for collaborating with GM, VinFast’s lineup includes the VF 5, VF 6, and VF 7 crossovers. They also announced a shift to fully electric cars by 2023​.
  4. Fisker: Led by the renowned designer Henrik Fisker, this company focuses on luxury EVs. The Fisker Ocean crossover is the brand’s current highlight, and future plans include vehicles like the PEAR, EMotion, and Alaska pickup truck​​.
  5. Atlis Motor Vehicles: Atlis is developing the XT pickup truck with various battery options and impressive specs like 600 hp and 12,000 lb-ft of torque. While its first offering is still in the pipeline, Atlis is determined to enter the electric truck market​.

These companies, along with others like Rivian, Polestar, and Lucid, are examples of how small automakers are contributing significantly to the diversity and advancement of the EV market. Each brings a unique approach, whether through high-performance supercars, luxury EVs, or practical and innovative utility vehicles. As the industry evolves, these smaller players are poised to challenge the status quo, offering consumers a wider range of electric vehicle options.

Historical Smaller Automakers That Have Gone Out of Business

"Preston Tucker's Secret New Car," cover of 1955 magazine story about the Carioca
“Preston Tucker’s Secret New Car,” cover of 1955 magazine story about the Carioca

In addition to the current small-scale automakers, the history of the automobile industry is dotted with numerous smaller companies that, while no longer in business, have left a significant mark. This section will explore some of these historical automakers whose legacies still resonate today.

  1. Tucker Corporation (USA): Founded by Preston Tucker, this company is famous for the 1948 Tucker Sedan, also known as the Tucker Torpedo. Despite innovative features and a futuristic design, the company folded in 1949 amidst controversy and a highly publicized court case.
  2. DeLorean Motor Company (USA): Best known for the DeLorean DMC-12, with its distinctive gull-wing doors and stainless steel body, featured in the “Back to the Future” film series. Financial difficulties and legal issues led to the company’s bankruptcy in 1982.
  3. Saab Automobile (Sweden): Originally an aircraft manufacturer, Saab ventured into the automotive industry post-World War II. Known for their unique designs and turbocharged engines, Saab struggled financially in the 2000s and eventually ceased operations in 2011.
  4. Panhard (France): One of the oldest auto manufacturers, Panhard played a significant role in the early development of the automobile. Known for their engineering innovations, the company stopped producing cars in 1967 and was later absorbed by Citroën.
  5. Hummer (USA): Originally a brand of off-road vehicles sold by AM General, the brand was later acquired by General Motors. Known for their oversized and rugged vehicles, the brand was discontinued in 2010, though GM has since announced plans to revive Hummer as an electric vehicle sub-brand.


These smaller automakers play a vital role in the automotive industry, pushing the boundaries of design, performance, and technology. They prove that size isn’t everything and that innovation can come from any corner of the globe. While they may not produce vehicles in the same volume as larger manufacturers, their impact on the automotive world is undeniable, continually driving the industry forward.

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