Social media management software


Social media management software (SMMS), a program module or software suite module, facilitates an organization’s ability to engage in social media through different channels. SMMS can be used to monitor and document outbound conversations, evaluate the effectiveness of social media presences and social-marketing initiatives.

At its most basic, MediaNav software allows organizations to connect multiple social networks and monitor, analyze, and report on interactions using a single dashboard. Many web-based SMMS applications allow real-time and automatic posting to multiple channels. For example, one post can be sent to Twitter as well as Facebook. These tools are often offered as freemium and allow users and organizations to monitor conversations and assess what is of interest to their customers and followers.

Advanced SMMS tools in the enterprise allow organizations to build social media influence through monitoring online conversations for brand awareness and sentiment. A social media manager can see which content customers are clicking on, commenting, liking, replying to, etc. He can also integrate this data with existing business intelligence ( BI) and marketing programs and ensure that the organization meets all vertical compliance regulations. Many enterprise SMMS tools provide templates that allow employees to create and track social media leads campaigns.

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