Soft vs. Hard Folding Tonneau Cover – Which Is Best for Your Truck?


Take your truck storage situation to the next level with a reliable tonneau cover. Just like auto seat covers, these truck bed covers provide a wide range of benefits. Explore the various benefits of using a tonneau cover to see whether a hard or soft folding cover is better for your driving style.

Security Features

For many truck drivers, security is an important factor. Keep your luggage, tools and other costly items safe from theft with the right cover. A soft tonneau cover shields your truck bed, so nothing stored in it will be visible. Unfortunately, the soft material is easy to cut through for determined criminals. Most soft folding covers don’t have a locking mechanism, which means it’s only a manner of folding it open and removing your valuable items.

Hard covers, on the other hand, use durable materials to prevent damage and theft. Find the best hard folding Tonneau cover available in the market. Look for a folding cover with a lock mechanism or place to secure a padlock. Once locked, your truck bed is just as safe as your truck cab.

Affordable Price Tag

A soft folding tonneau cover is more budget friendly than a hard one. The durable material still withstands rain, wind and other issues, but it doesn’t cost as much as a hard cover. A steel or aluminum folding frame offers the durability you need, without the added price.

Hard covers are a great investment for heavy use and rugged terrain. If a falling branch, loose rocks or heavy mud are in the probable future of your truck, you need to invest in a cover that fits your driving style.

Convenient Use

Choose a name-brand tonneau cover and you’ll find a comparable tie in terms of convenient use with both hard and soft options. A dependable frame makes both tri-fold covers operate in a similar way. You can choose different materials, brands and fits, but both offer you an easy way to close your truck bed.

One advantage of a soft cover is ease of removal. Both covers can fold up out of the way or be completely removed from your truck bed to accommodate large items. Soft covers, however, are far easier to remove on your own and find a convenient storage area.

Durable Protection

Soft covers edge out in terms of water protection. Many soft covers offer a more precise fit than hard covers, which can have small gaps around the edges. A hard tri fold tonneau cover may come with a seal to avoid this issue, so shop around before you give up on a water-resistant hard cover.

Hard tonneau covers are much more dependable when it comes to physical damage. Falling debris, scraping items and other incidents can all tear through a soft cover, while only leaving a minor scratch on a hard alternative.

Find the Best Solution for Your Truck

Choosing a tonneau cover is a personal choice. No one can tell you which cover is right for you, but you can receive advice on the best place to shop for one. Shop online for truck bed protection, floor liners and waterproof seat covers to prepare your truck for any experience. Compare customer reviews and specifications before selecting the ideal cover for your driving situation and budget.

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