Some do’s and don’ts of branding your vehicle


When driving through the town, you might have often driven past by a vehicle covered by vinyl and a pattern that represents any brand’s logo or details about a company. This mobile advertising is a promotional strategy that many companies use to catch the attention of customers on the road and no doubt, they get successful in doing so as we often discover new brands moving on the roads.

Every business uses vehicles to transport its supplies from one place to the other that can also be used in branding but advertisement has to be done efficiently so that it makes an impact on the minds of customers and attract them to your product or service so here are some of the dos and don’ts of branding your vehicle:

Do: understand vehicle’s dimensions

When paneling your vehicle, you have to measure all the dimensions of your car so that you don’t end up with a foolish pattern on your vehicle that does not make any sense to the viewers because all cars have different patterns and the design may be distorted when the windows or door may be open and the message will not be comprehensible to the audience. So when planning your car wrap design, look at the catalog available at the designer to show them about your car design or show them pictures and measurements of your car from every dimension so that the design does not look obstructed.

Do: be clear with your design

Like in any other advertisement method, branding your car must be done carefully. Look for high-quality UTE wraps so that your message could be displayed clearly. Use minimal designs and enough information that can be easily read by the audience. Use font style and size that can be understood from a distance.

Do display the right information

The key to branding is providing useful information and avoiding anything inappropriate or false. Make a design that displays clear information about your brand that a customer might need to know about you. Make sure you display your name, product description, and contact number in your vehicle design.

Don’t crowd your design

Avoid piling up your design with patterns and excess information that makes it hard for passersby to read your message as adding a lot of graphics will make the information vague. You must try to keep your design as sleek as possible.

Don’t be boring

When making a video presentation, companies try to be unique and attractive that capture the attention of the audience rather than simply portraying the message. Likewise in vehicle branding, use colors, designs, and phrases which do not bore the audience rather make a good impression of your product.

Don’t use small letters

Using a small font will make your investment in vehicle branding go in vain because the message will be hard to be deciphered by the people from the audience and your vehicle can go round the town but not make people know what it is advertising so choose an easily visible font size.

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