Speed Rummy Thrills, But It Does Not Kill. Learn All About This Interesting Game


Well, the title seems so interesting. Are you interested in playing Rummy? If yes, here we bring to you the other version of Rummy, Speed Rummy. Sounds fun! right? You must be knowing the rules of Rummy. Rummy has become so popular that new versions of the game had to come up. Your skills are tested here. Beware and be prepared!! We will also discuss the rules of the game. So stay tuned till the end of this article if you want to know more about Speed Rummy.

What is Speed Rummy?

Well, Speed Rummy is a speed card game. It is very popular in India and abroad alike. It is just the other variant of the rummy game and the number of players can be two or four. In this version of the game, a standard deck of cards is used, it has 53 cards, But, the main objective that you have to achieve is that you have to get rid of the cards as quickly as possible. Maybe you are aware of this rule.

Speed Rummy is a different game and has quite different rules as you will see now. There are different ways and rules, which are generally followed while playing. There are many platforms where you can find this game.

Rules and tactics of playing Speed Rummy

  • How to begin? – The round of speed rummy begins as and when the players start flipping their cards such that they face up at the center. The next step is crucial. The player just has to discard cards from their hand. Keep in mind that only one hand is to be used in this process. In the next step, matching of cards is done such that each card is placed adjacent to one card above the other.
  • How to play with the cards- Suppose a player has only five cards left, they have to draw cards from piles they are assigned only until the pile is depleted. Suppose, plates run out of options to play, they have the option to use side pile or center stack to draw out the cards. Suppose the stockpiles are depleted, what is done next? The center stacks are shuffled and they have to be placed individually as the new stack piles.
  • How to become the winner?- A player is declared a winner when he/she runs out of the cards. Sounds fun! Right? But there should be no cards left in hand and draw piles, both. Take care of that.
  • How to play speed rummy? – Speed rummy has a specialty in that it can be played with or without a Joker card. If you are playing with joker cards, keep in mind that joker cards should be used as wild cards in the fast rummy game. The joker card is special and can be used as a substitute for any numbered card, say 2 or a 4.
  • What to do when players are more? – When there are more than two, you need the next set of rules, like you need two decks of cards generally and there are some fun names like” three-way speed” and “four-speed cards”. Your excitement has reached its peak by now and we know that.
  • Some basic strategies you should know– The basic strategy you should know in Speed Rummy is that you should play all cards in your hand. Here is some advice that will come in handy. You can use tricks to slow down the progress of your opponent. This can be achieved by arranging the cards in the order they are going to be dealt with. Maybe if you are lucky enough and manage to have a sneak peek at the opponents’ card, then your chances to win increase.
  • How will you deal with Speed Rummy? – When the game starts, which means the starting round of speed rummy, the dealer has 5 cards each, Well, players get 15 additional cards each, which are used as a side pile. When the drawing pile has less number of cards, a stockpile is used. When the stockpile is also deleted, then we use the center shack. It is shuffled and placed down facing downwards just like the stack pile. You know that game begins with five cards. But in case the player has got less than five cards left, then he/she has to draw from the draw pile.


Rummy is a game of skills. Speed Rummy is a derived version. Rules differ in Speed Rummy. The scoring parameters are different. Take care of that if you are playing for the first time. You should know how to deal with Speed Rummy. We have discussed all the subtopics in our article. We hope that we were able to make you totally aware of speed rummy. You should be knowing how to start and end the game and most importantly how to win in the game. Without wasting any time, go sign up and play. You can try playing the game of Rummy on Getmega and get a chance to win amazing cash prizes.


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