Spring Break in Washington: 5 Sights to Explore by Car


The U.S. capital is home to many important historical and architectural monuments. It’s here that the president’s residence is located – the White House, as well as the building of the Supreme Court and Congress.

Despite the predominance of such places, the city itself is very interesting in terms of leisurely walks and sightseeing. This is especially true in the springtime.

Weather in Washington in the spring is the most comfortable for traveling – this period is characterized by sunshine and rare rains. In the spring, Washington hosts the Sakura Blossom Festival, and the city is especially beautiful during these months.

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Georgetown is a historic district of the city that was once a separate municipality appeared several decades before the founding of Washington. It became part of the country’s capital in 1871 when Congress created the District of Columbia, combining Georgetown with Washington and its environs.

Today Georgetown is a fashionable and prestigious place that generates the desire of people to live and work there. One of the best universities in the country and several embassies are located in this area. Georgetown boasts that it houses the oldest stone building in Washington.

Celebrities such as Thomas Jefferson, former President of the United States, Francis Scott Key, who wrote the text of the United States national anthem, and John F. Kennedy, the future president of the country, once lived in this area.

Embassy Row

Want to enjoy a trip around the world? Then take a walk northwest along Massachusetts Avenue from Dupont Circle. During this walk you will pass by more than 40 embassies housed in elegant mansions.

Tunisia, Chile, Argentina, Togo, Haiti…flags waving over heavy doors indicate which nation’s embassy the mansion belongs to. Luxury cars with tinted windows go in and out the gates, transporting diplomats. Another 130 embassies are scattered around the city, but their density is especially high on Massachusetts Avenue, i.e. Embassy Row.

Dupont Circle

The area is located north of the city, at the intersection of three avenues: New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts. This is the heart of the city nightlife –numerous nightclubs, restaurants and bars make it the most famous party place in the U.S. capital.

There are such popular clubs as Cafe Citron, Eighteenth Street Lounge, Fly Lounge, Buffalo Billiards, and Fab Lounge Club. There’s a small park in Dupont Circle, in the center of which you’ll find a beautiful marble fountain – this is a favorite vacation spot of locals.

Attractions in the area include St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Woodrow Wilson House Museum, Phillips Collection Museum, Brewmaster’s Castle, and Buffalo Bridge.


Those who appreciate and like Asian culture will be very interested in visiting such a landmark in Washington as Chinatown.

It’s located in the eastern part of the city, and the easiest way to get there is by a rental car.

On the territory of Chinatown there are such attractions as:

  • old building of the Patent Office, which in 2006 was turned into Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture and which is now a historical monument of the country;

  • sports and entertainment complex Verizon Center, which houses a large number of various events and concerts.

At the entrance to Chinatown, you can see the interesting Friendship Arch, made in the traditional Chinese style. Also, this place is famous for a large number of shops, nightclubs and Chinese restaurants, where you can taste a variety of iconic Asian dishes.

Freedom Plaza

Freedom Plaza is the attraction in Washington, which will help you to feel the real spirit of the country. The square is located in the northwest of the city, and the fastest way to reach it is by car. What’s more, vast parking spaces available in the area will save you from a long search for a place to leave the car.

Freedom Plaza, which is a small stone square, is one of the major sights of Washington. It’s the chief square of the city – it hosts parades, protest marches, and official processions.

In the western part of the square there’s a beautiful fountain, and in the eastern part is a statue of a Polish nobleman and ‘father’ of the American cavalry Kazimierz Pulaski.

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