Stepmother Leaving Stepchildren Out Of Will – When Can Stepchildren Challenge Their stepparents’ Will?


The most common situation that we go through is the couples who get married to each other and children are there from previous relationships. For example, take Mr. and Mrs. A into consideration, both have been divorced previously and two adult children are there from their previous marriages.

While talking about their wills, both the parents think about how obligations can be figured out so that their wishes can come true of seeing their children inherit. The solution is simple: both the parents make a will where everything is left on each other, and which divides the estate of a survivor between all the children when the death of Mr. A took place.

Let’s fast-forward some years to the death of Mr. A. as it was decided by both of them to leave everything to each other, Mrs. A is the beneficiary of Mr. A’s will and everything that was owned by Mr. A is now Mrs. A’s. As everything stands, after the death of Mrs. A, the beneficiaries will be the children; which means nobody needs to worry as both the parents’ sides will be inherited.

However, as time passes by, the circumstances of Mrs. A change. The new partner enters her life and as time passes; her relationship with the children of Mr. A takes a turn. At some point, the will gets changed that will be beneficial for the new partner and her children, leaving the shock of life for the children of Mr. A as they will be left with nothing after the death of Mrs. A.

Various inquiries are received from the people who consider being inherited and whether anything can be done about it. In such a case, you can take help from

The starting should be done after providing evidence to the children of Mr. A if anyone has time in whatever terms they choose. This is a matter of provisos. With any other thing, there should be a mental capacity so the new will can be made and they should not come under the influence of anyone.

In some circumstances, there are possibilities of Mr. A’s children where they can claim under the 1975 inheritance act. If there will be enough eligibility to claim then the children of Mr. A can request the court to make financial provisions on which they have rights from the estate of Mrs. A.

Not every person is eligible to have grounds, where a will can be challenged which according to them is not fair, but if you think a claim needs to be pursued – or if you are someone who is a beneficiary or executor of a contested will, then it is better to look for recommendation and advice from the experts as soon as you can as limitations of time cannot be avoided.

If you are looking for support regarding an inheritance dispute or any kind of will, experts are there to help with a no-obligation and free consultation process.

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