Sun Joe Vs. Karcher Best Pressure Washer Comparison


Sun Joe Vs. Karcher Best Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

A pressure washer is one of the most beneficial and handiest outdoor equipment you can invest in. It takes the nightmare out of removing dirt, grime, mildew, mud, and more. You no longer have to do the painstaking task of scrubbing your driveway, car, grill, patio, or outdoor furniture.

The powerful cleaning machine is highly efficient at what it does. And when it comes to reliability, Sun Joe and Karcher power washers always come to mind. Both brands offer some of the best electric pressure washers out there, which makes it challenging to decide which model to get.

On top of that, you have features and ratings to consider, which you can learn more about in this article by Cleanup Expert (Alex Woodward). But how do you decide which is the right washer for you and your home? Find that out as we compare some of their popular models.

Sun Joe SPX3000 Vs. Karcher K5 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 and Karcher K5 are two of the best-selling electric pressure washers from the brands. Both have received numerous positive reviews from users because of how easy they are to operate and move around.

What’s more, they both have sufficient power to take care of the majority of your outdoor cleaning chores. But which is better in terms of performance and value? Keep on reading to find out.


Let’s talk about PSI and GPM ratings, which are the indicators of the power your unit will deliver as well as the water it needs to perform its duties. What makes an excellent machine is if it provides the right balance between water consumption and pressure.

Sun Joe SPX3000 provides a PSI of up to 2,030 and a GPM of 1.76. This means that you’ll get adequate power to tackle surfaces covered in filth while delivering low-pressure water flow for pushing leaves away, windows, and other delicate surfaces.

On the other hand, the PSI of Karcher K5 is a bit lower, while its GPM rating is significantly lower. This model offers up to 2,000 PSI combined with 1.4 GPM. Therefore, this tool can go head to head with the power of SPX3000 but water consumption is reduced by around 20%. Nevertheless, some users say that its water flow performance is not enough to handle most washing jobs.

In terms of performance, K5 may deliver enough power but falls short in water flow. Meanwhile, the SXP3000 offers the balance you need between water consumption and power. This is a vital factor to consider when searching for the best pressure washer. And the performance of this particular model from Karcher is behind Sun Joe’s.

Portability And Weight

Aside from cleaning ability, size, and power consumption, portability is another characteristic to look for in a reliable pressure washer. All of these will make your job comfortable and a breeze. Thereby, a portable device will ease.

Heavy-duty washers typically weigh more because of their robust engines. Minus the wheels, Sun Joe SPX3000 is considerably lightweight at 31 lbs.

This makes the equipment easy to carry and lift to the area you plan on washing. Also, the unit is equipped with a 20 feet hose and a long 35 feet power cord. So you’ll have as much as 50 feet of maneuverability away from the power outlet.

Karcher K5 is just as portable as the SPX3000 at 32 lbs. Besides, it comes with a 25 feet long hose and 35 feet power cord, giving you an additional five feet of maneuverability. If you want extra movement, the K5 can provide it. Nevertheless, 5 feet do not make a whole lot of difference in most cases. But in terms of portability, both units are almost identical.

Hose Storage

Storing the hose safely after each cleaning session is important. The process involves detaching and coiling or reeling the hose. The SPX3000 does not come with a hose reel, which means you have to coil its 20 ft hose manually. You can either place it on the machine’s hook or someplace where it will not acquire any damage.

On the other hand, the K5 offers the convenience of a hose reel that can coil its long hose in a matter of seconds. This means that you don’t have to worry about the hose tangling or getting damaged. Also, you’ll find it effortless to wind and unwind the 25 ft hose any time.


K5 has a higher price tag at more than $300, while the SPX3000 is just under $200. Both electric pressure washers are great. However, Sun Joe’s offering can deliver the pressure you need every time you need it. Plus, it offers proper water usage without having to sacrifice its performance. Although Karcher’s machine has a handy built-in hose reel, it falls short in terms of performance.

Other Popular Electric-Powered Washers From Sun Joe And Karcher

Sun Joe SPX3001

SPX3001 is an excellent product from the brand. It can clean under behind your grills, under your vehicle, or any other spaces which will be too small or tight for some pressure washers. For added convenience, it features an onboard detergent tank and a trigger that will shut off automatically when it’s not using the pump. On top of that, it sports a couple of rear wheels, increasing its maneuverability.

Karcher Follow Me

Follow Me, just like its name, is designed to follow you as you clean while it’s sitting on its base with four wheels. The convenient tool is easy to move around because of this. Likewise, it eliminates the need to carry and lift it around like with other pressure washers. What’s more, it’s set up is fast, simple, and hassle-free. It also has a detergent tank and a trigger gun that features a child safety lock.

Karcher X-Series

The X-Series of Karcher lives up to the goal of the company of providing consumers with an eco-friendly option. This model features a water-cooled induction motor, making it long-lasting with a top-notch performance to match. Similar to K3000, it also has a detergent tank onboard, along with a spray wand that can blast away dirt with ease.

Let’s Talk About Warranty

The Karcher 1 year warranty covers product defects due to craftsmanship and on its materials. It does not include all wear and tears acquired from normal usage.

Nonetheless, the company offers a Rapid Exchange Program. Here, a defective product is assessed first either by their support team or an authorized service center. Afterward, they will either repair or replace your unit at no extra cost on your part.

Meanwhile, the Sun Joe 2 year warranty is applicable in the US and Canada, and for residential purposes only. It covers manufacturing and material defects.

When you use your unit for rental or other commercial purposes, your warranty will only be valid for up to 90 days from your purchase date. If your product is found defective, Sun joe will either repair, replace, or refund you without any extra cost. Just make sure to return the entire unit to the company.

What To Consider When Buying A Pressure Washer

Gas or Electric?

A pressure washer that runs on gas performs better and is more powerful. It is ideal for bigger washing tasks like cleaning your patio and deck. However, it is louder, heavier, and requires tedious upkeep.

On the other hand, an electric-powered washer is best for tackling small and light cleaning projects, from cleaning your patio furniture to washing your car. It’s also a lot quieter than its gas counterpart. But its main drawback is that the length of its cord will restrict the area you can clean.


Do not choose a very powerful machine that you don’t truly need.

  • Light-duty. These machines offer a PSI of 1200 to 1900 and can take care of up to 40 square feet of surface in as little as 10 minutes. They are ideal for washing outdoor furniture, vehicles, and garage floors.
  • Medium-duty. With 1950 to 2600 PSI, these washers can handle an area of up to 90 square feet in 10 minutes. They work well on washing driveways, decks, sidewalks, and other larger areas.
  • Heavy-duty. Providing you with power ranging from 2600 to 3800 PSI, these units will clean as much as 190 square feet of surface within 10 minutes. You can use them for cleaning your fence and sidings.


The heavier your machine is, the more challenging it’ll be to maneuver it around. Likewise, you may likely use both of your hands to run it.

Spray Nozzles

This is just as important as PSI and GPM, if not more. The component is what generates pressure in the water stream hitting the surfaces you’re cleaning. Although you need to buy nozzles separately, you can find some pressure washers that come with it.

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