SYPWAI project implementation technology

The new wave of artificial intelligence is bringing about a bigger change in business than ever before. Companies around the world have already implemented machine-learning algorithms into their day-to-day operations to identify certain patterns, improve customer targeting, and increase profits.

The global market for artificial intelligence: high expectations and diverse applications

AI has invaded the material world. Whereas a few years ago, the power of artificial intelligence was used mainly for advanced analytics, micro-targeting, or preventive maintenance. Now AI-based systems provide image recognition and mobility in the real world, as well as speech recognition and natural language processing. Computing power and data growth over the years have led to a steady increase in AI adoption in the real world.

More than 1,300 AI startups were funded in 2017 alone, according to Venture Scanner, totaling $ 38.6 billion. These startups are located in 73 countries, 900 of which are in the United States. Some EU countries, Australia, India, and China are not staying behind as well.

Immediate future expectations

Despite differences in current AI adoption and investment, expectations for the future are consistently high across all industries. According to a BCG survey, executives believe that artificial intelligence will have a big impact on both their processes and their offerings. The tech, telecommunications, and consumer sectors are leading the way, with the public sector being the most cautious in its forecasts.

In terms of operations, businesses predict that AI-based solutions will bring significant improvements in:

  • Information Technology;
  • Marketing, sales, and customer service;
  • Strategic planning, financial management, and accounting.

While 80% of enterprises see AI as a strategic opportunity, over 40% expect technology to become a risk. Executives understand that artificial intelligence will provide a sustainable competitive advantage and lower costs, but it will also increase competition between incumbents and newcomers alike.

SYPWAI’s main goal is to solve an artificial intelligence problem

Having received a grant for its development, the platform began to grow at a high speed and soon millions of people around the world learned about it. Actually, since its launch, a relatively young startup has been able to win the recognition and respect of many of the largest holdings and corporations that seek help every day.

How does SYPWAI work? Why the employees of the company are not only highly competent specialists and scientists with a worldwide reputation but also ordinary people without special training?

In pursuit of its main goal, SYPWAI ( also has an important mission to provide work for interested people to increase their awareness in the field of innovative technologies and allow them to earn money.

The learning algorithm of a neural network, in which people participate, has two directions: general and special. For general training, a person just needs to be able to distinguish a heron from a giraffe in the picture. This algorithm is similar to an educational game for children. People of completely different ages, social status, and professional skills can take part in it. To start special training in a neural network, you need to be a specialist in a specialized field, for example, medicine, physics, chemistry, and engineering. For this direction of neural network markup, specialists are selected using an IQ test and then qualified for professional suitability.

SYPWAI has defined the focus in its work not on its expansion, but on the development of the companies that asked for help. The platform works for the benefit of people, tries to help both large corporations in optimizing their business processes and people allowing them to make money.