What is Regenerative Braking?

Car braking system

What is regenerative braking? It sounds like something you do to your car, but what does it have to do with anything? You may be surprised to find out that regenerative braking has a lot of applications in the world of electric vehicles. In this blog post, we will take a look … Read more

Ultimate Guide to the Major Components of a Car

An engine of a car.

Cars are engineering marvels with many different complex components working in synchronization to deliver the performance that you require. Because of the increasingly rapid change in technology and complexity, most of the drivers are not aware about their car’s major components. But given the fact that millions of drivers are rescued by … Read more

Automatic Braking Technology

Wheel of a modern red car

ABS stands for Automatic Braking Technology and is an essential part of any modern vehicle. We want to be sure that the ABS is working in a decent fashion with the car we’re driving. Even new cars should be taken on a test drive to check if their ABS is working properly. … Read more

The History of Brakes

The History of Brakes

The brake is what makes it possible for humans to control a motor vehicle for a safer riding condition. For over a century, braking systems have evolved into a more complex device to adapt to different road conditions. They are a key part of the amazing technology that makes up the automobile.  … Read more