5 Safety Tips For New And Young Drivers

Teenage boy and new driver behind wheel of his car

If you’re a new and young driver, you might want to test your limits as you’re too excited about being on the road. While driving is a milestone that you have achieved, you still need to be careful as your excitement can put your life at risk. In unfortunate times that you … Read more

Can Autonomous Driving Take Over Physical Driving?

Interior view of a Tesla car driving itself on a highway.

The future is now. What was considered the realm of science fiction only a few decades ago now seems to be the new normal. From superfast computers in our pockets and virtual reality headsets that transport us to worlds that blow our minds, to rockets that can land vertically to self-driving completely … Read more

Has modern engine design put an end to tinkering?

Has modern engine design put an end to tinkering?

Humans have been fiddling with our cars almost since the moment they were invented. Back in the 50s, car maintenance was mostly performed by professionally trained mechanics, but in recent decades more and more everyday drivers have taken to performing their own simple repairs or tune-ups. However, today that may be on … Read more