Lamborghini and Ferrari: How a Great Rivalry Was Born

An image of the Lamborghini Revention.

If you ever want to make a car enthusiast giddy, all you would have to do is bring up either Ferrari or Lamborghini. These two luxury car manufacturers have been, without a doubt, two of the best known and most revered car manufacturers in the world. Both Italian companies, Lamborghini and Ferrari … Read more

The Most Expensive Luxury Cars of 1980s

Mercedes W201 was one of the most expensive cars of the era.

The low-end specs we see in many cars today were once considered a major revolution in the car industry. Big giants used to celebrate these major accomplishments although they may seem like nothing big today. For example, the concept of power windows, Anti-Lock braking system, power steering, and other such features were … Read more

6 Tips For Looking After Your Ferrari

MUGGIA, ITALY OCTOBER 18, 2010: Photo of a Ferrari California Spider Dashboard. The Ferrari California is a grand touring 2+2 sports car produced by the Italian manufacturer Ferrari.

Owning a luxury vehicle elevates your status. It is, after all, a substantial investment. Cruising around town in your Ferrari will definitely catch the attention of people walking on the streets or other drivers with you on the road. An important aspect of owning this type of automobile is maintenance. You have … Read more