How Long Do Batteries Last in Electric Cars?

An image of a Jaguar I-Pace.

The last decade brought with it something truly sweet. Something that had been looked forward to for decades, and is now finally a reality. We are talking about electric cars. Finally, humanity can phase out the gas guzzlers of yesterday and usher in a new era of clean energy usage. Soon, schools … Read more

12 Things to Check Before Taking Delivery of a New Car

A picture of a collection of cars parked together.

Buying a new car can be an exhilarating experience, and the feeling is only alleviated if it is your first ever car. It’s not all fun and games of course; it is likely that you are scared as well. A little bit Nervous that something might go wrong.Fearing that you might have … Read more

Understanding a New Car Window Sticker

Understanding a New Car Window Sticker

Aside from checking the price of the car, new car shoppers also look at the car’s window sticker. Because this sticker is more than just a sticker, it also holds other information about the car that can be useful to buyers. Every vehicle that comes from the dealership has that sticker, but … Read more