The World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Cars

Rear view image of a Hyundai Sonata.

How efficient a particular car is with its fuel consumption and how much mileage it gets per liter of gas is something everyone considers before they put down the down payment for a new car. After all, nobody wants to buy a car they can’t afford to drive, especially not people who … Read more

Types of Car Fuels: How Gasoline Works

gas pump red

In the United States and in almost all countries in the world, gasoline is definitely a vital fluid. In fact, it is as essential to the economy as blood is to a person. Without gasoline, the world as we know it would stop. In fact, the United States alone consumes about 130 … Read more

Interesting Facts about Gasoline and Oil

Interesting Facts about Gasoline and Oil

  You thought you knew everything about gasoline and oil? Check out these interesting and mind-blowing facts about oil and gasoline that you might not know before today: Storage of Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, And Oil Combustibles It is a standard procedure that gasoline has to be stored in red containers, diesel in … Read more