Comparing UK and USA Driving Lesson Averages

Comparing UK and USA Driving Lesson Averages

Learning to drive is an exciting milestone but the journey varies greatly between countries. We examined the national averages for the number of driving lessons taken in the UK compared to the USA. Some interesting contrasts emerged in lesson durations, costs and overall approaches. We spoke to Graham Quail, a driving instructor in … Read more

How Do Autonomous Brake Systems Work?

an illustration for auto braking system for cars

Over the past decade, cars have gotten a lot safer, meaning you can worry less about accidents while driving. This is thanks to new active and passive safety features, especially in modern cars, which have significantly reduced accident rates. One standout feature is the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) System, which we’ll delve … Read more

What is the 80% tow Rule?


Many RV enthusiasts adhere to the 80/20 or 80% Towing Rule as a safety precaution. In essence, this guideline suggests that you should avoid towing loads that exceed 80% of your maximum towing capacity. By allowing a margin for potential calculation errors, this rule helps safeguard both your vehicle and its longevity, … Read more

What is the 10% Towing Rule?


Understanding the towing capability of a vehicle plays a vital role in selecting the most suitable model for your transportation requirements and gauging the type of loads you can comfortably transport using your existing vehicle. By deducting the curb weight from the GCVWR (Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating), you can determine the … Read more

What Happens If You Tow More Than You Should?


Have you ever considered finding out the exact towing capacity of your vehicle? If you’re contemplating the purchase of a new trailer but are unsure about your car’s capability, it’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of maximum towing capacity.  Going beyond the intended towing limit of your vehicle can put excessive … Read more

4 Road Safety Tips That You Need to Always Remember


Driving is something that once you have gotten good at it, you might slowly slip into autopilot. This is true especially for those who are in their 30s and beyond. Sure, you must have given great attention when you were getting your license but with time, you might have started to become … Read more

How to Stay Safe on the Road

How to Stay Safe on the Road

Sometimes we can become a little complacent when we do something every day. For example, many of us will have a fear of flying; however, it is statistically safer to be in an airplane than to drive a car, and yet how many of us often find ourselves driving on autopilot? Road … Read more

History of Airbags

History of Airbags

Airbags are one of the things you need, but hope to never use. Of course, no one with the right mind would like their car to crash for the airbags to blow up. But still it gives us the feeling of safety and protection while driving – thanks to their inventors. Here’s … Read more