Determining Good Mileage When Buying A Used Car

Odometer with miles reading

Buying a used car is having pros and cons. The benefit you will be getting from owning a used one is that it be less expensive and depreciate less. Also, it will be cheaper to repair and maintain. On the other hand, some used cars are having a mysterious fault that can … Read more

5 Smart Ways to Consider When Buying A New Car


Buying a new car is an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Purchasing a vehicle is a big decision, & it seems like the checklist of things to know before signing goes on forever. If the car buying experience is leaving you dazed and confused, refer to this checklist of … Read more

History of Seatbelts

History of Seatbelts

If any vehicle today is missing a seatbelt, everyone will notice. It may even violate the law. In fact, “As of November 1st, 2020, New York state law dictates that every vehicle passenger, regardless of age, must wear a seatbelt or be properly restrained in a car seat or booster seat,” says … Read more

Different Types of Car Fuels: Ethanol

ethanol gas pump option

Ethanol, or also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol, is a colorless and transparent liquid that acts as the main ingredient in alcoholic drinks such as brandy, wine, and beer. Because ethanol can easily dissolve in water and other organic compounds, ethanol is also used other products such as beauty and … Read more

Automatic Braking Technology

Wheel of a modern red car

ABS stands for Automatic Braking Technology and is an essential part of any modern vehicle. We want to be sure that the ABS is working in a decent fashion with the car we’re driving. Even new cars should be taken on a test drive to check if their ABS is working properly. … Read more

Ensuring The Safety Of Your Car After An Accident

After an accident, it’s important to make sure you get your car fully repaired, such as at one of these Tampa auto body shops, to ensure that not only is your vehicle functioning normally, but that it’s safe to drive. Here’s a list of things to check for in your vehicle after an … Read more

Top 5 Cars With the Best Safety Features in 2021

Safety should be at the top of your list when purchasing a new car. Keep reading for top 5 cars with the best safety features in 2021. Global car sales are on the rise, and millions of people are investing in new vehicles. Are you considering buying a new car? If so, … Read more

Ultimate Buying Guide for Car Dashcams

Ultimate Buying Guide for Car Dashcams

A car dashcam, which stands for a dashboard camera, is a kind of camera that you install in your car for many reasons. It can be mounted inside your car, usually on the front windshield. It can do a lot of things such as record when your vehicle is both being driven … Read more