How Long Do Batteries Last in Electric Cars?

An image of a Jaguar I-Pace.

The last decade brought with it something truly sweet. Something that had been looked forward to for decades, and is now finally a reality. We are talking about electric cars. Finally, humanity can phase out the gas guzzlers of yesterday and usher in a new era of clean energy usage. Soon, schools … Read more

The World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Cars

Rear view image of a Hyundai Sonata.

How efficient a particular car is with its fuel consumption and how much mileage it gets per liter of gas is something everyone considers before they put down the down payment for a new car. After all, nobody wants to buy a car they can’t afford to drive, especially not people who … Read more

The Best Autonomous Cars in the World

A Tesla Model S getting charged at a quick charging station.

Self-driving cars have leaped from the movie screens and into reality in what feels like a very short time. It feels like only yesterday when we thought of autonomous vehicles as something that our great grandchildren might one day experience, and now commercially available self-driving cars have shown up in the market … Read more

The Best Hybrid Cars in the World

An image of a 2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid Liftback.

Since a bit over a decade now, hybrid cars have taken the world by storm. Not only do they save you money with higher mileage rates, but they also help you make the planet just a tad bit safer. At one point the overabundance of a certain popular Japanese hybrid car had … Read more

Can Autonomous Driving Take Over Physical Driving?

Interior view of a Tesla car driving itself on a highway.

The future is now. What was considered the realm of science fiction only a few decades ago now seems to be the new normal. From superfast computers in our pockets and virtual reality headsets that transport us to worlds that blow our minds, to rockets that can land vertically to self-driving completely … Read more

How You Can Select the Best Kind of Car for Your Needs

How You Can Select the Best Kind of Car for Your Needs

The experience of shopping for a new vehicle is exciting, to say the least, and if you have decided that a new car is for you, then it’s time to make your choice. But with the seemingly endless array of new vehicles out there, it can become quickly overwhelming, especially since brand … Read more

Get optimal windscreen repair and replacement from Metro Auto Glass

Get optimal windscreen repair and replacement from Metro Auto Glass

Earlier you could find vehicles without windshields. But, as time took its turn, people started becoming more aware of their safety while driving. Though it does not seem much of an important part, the windshield is one of the most crucial vehicle safety measures. Even the smallest dispute in the windshield can … Read more

Remove Your Old Vehicle And Get Cash In Return

Remove Your Old Vehicle And Get Cash In Return

There is no use in keeping your old vehicles in the garage. The junk car will occupy the area unnecessarily without any fruitful outcome. What to do? Think smart, remove your used vehicle, and boost up your bank balance. The illusion of old things is useless. Be practical and sell your scrap … Read more

Guide to Car Topside Creepers

a topside creeper in front of a truck

For those who love to work on cars, one of the frustrating things about it is reaching a part or component that is awkwardly placed. For example, if you are working on the engine of a truck or pickup, it is challenging to reach some of its parts because it is higher … Read more

Successful Women in the Automotive Industry

woman driving a truck

When it comes to choosing careers, women are usually expected to opt for industries like fashion designing, cosmetology, and other things that most women are into. And if there are industries where women were under-represented throughout time, one of them is probably the automotive industry. It’s because when people hear about the … Read more

Why the Lemon Law is Important to People in California

Why the Lemon Law is Important to People in California

There are Lemon Laws around the county, but the one in California is not the same as elsewhere as it pertains to consumers and vehicle manufacturers. There are different provisions in California, such as what proof is required and who is permitted to claim the first place. Here are a few specifics … Read more

Guide to Car Dealerships

shaking hands

In the United States, a car dealer can sell used vehicles or be involved in a franchised dealership wherein they become a retailer that sells used and old cars. Most of the time, franchised dealership includes employ trained car technicians, certified pre-owned vehicles, and they also offer to finance. In the United … Read more

History of Jeep

Jeep is a famous American auto brand and part of the Chrysler Group, which after the Great Recession is a fully owned subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Over the years Jeep has provided its consumers a wide range of sports utility and off-road vehicles.  It was initially designed to be a military … Read more

Types of Automobiles and Their Classification

Did You Know There Were So Many Types of Automobiles?

In recent years, the evolution of technology in fleet management systems has made the processes a lot easier. With innovation, reputable experts now provide real-time monitoring of the fleet vehicles through various technologies. Among all these, GPS real-time tracking of fleet vehicles remains the best management tool used today. Both managers and … Read more