Telluride spring break


Telluride is a small town with a colourful mining past located in the Southwest part of Colorado. Surrounded by the high peaks of the San Juan Mountains, Telluride was voted the best US ski resort several times in the past decade.

Aside from winter sports, Telluride has numerous other attractions and is especially popular during the spring break when guests from surrounding states flock to grab a breath of fresh mountain air, enjoy the pristine nature, and ski on the last days of snow. 

If you’re planning a visit from abroad, you will need travel authorization. People from Visa Waiver Program countries have the easiest path with the ESTA application process. An online procedure takes only three days, and more often than not, it is booming. However, since 2020, you must answer ESTA social media question and give up your social information. With the valid ESTA, you have two years to visit the US, and there is no limit on the number of visits.

Spring break activities

Spring is still very much skiing season, and the resort closes its doors in the first ten days of April. There are numerous slopes for all skill levels without any lift blocking the spectacular mountain views. Most slopes end up in town, and a free Galloping Goose bus line will take you back. If not with the bus, Telluride has the only free Gondola from downtown to Mountain Village. You get a free ride and an incredible view.

If you’re not much of a skier, why not try snowmobile and go on a guided tour. For less-skilled, but still, very much into winter sports guests, there are slopes for sleds. 

Telluride has several hot springs nearby in the valley, like Orvis and Dunton Hot springs or Wiesbaden Hot Springs Spa in Ouray.

When the snow melts, the town still offers incredible outdoor adventures. First, taste the flavor of Old West on a horseback riding tour. Then, did you know Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank in Telluride, then a prosperous mining town? 

Colorado, Animas, and Gunnison rivers offer rafting and canoeing from mid-May onwards. In addition, you can find nearby Alta lake, wood Lake, or Down Valley Park and try stand-up paddleboarding. Camping, hiking, and biking are also available with numerous well-maintained tracks and areas. 

Telluride Main Street 

The town is National Historic Landmark with historic Main Street in great 19th-century condition. Colorado Avenue, the main road that passes through stoplight-less town, preserved the look of the Old West. But, aside from the look and feel, there is much more in the bustling downtown area. 

Telluride has an incredible culinary scene with fancy restaurants, global cuisine offerings, wine bars, saloons, and cocktail bars. You can also find numerous art galleries and ski gear shops. The old mining town has some 350 miles of mine tunnels under the area. You can stay among the historic sights at 1891 Sheridan Hotel or Elks Lodge that also dates from the mining years.

Telluride nightlife 

While Telluride is on the list of best places for foodies, the nightlife is not so spectacular. There are no nightclubs for passionate party persons and dancers, but there are numerous bars with live music and excellent draft beer, cocktails, and wine offerings.

If you don’t mind a gondola ride (who would?) Club Red in Mountain Village is the best concert and nightlife venue. For those who are downtown bound by night, East Colorado Avenue is the place to be. Beer lovers will love The Buck, a bar with incredible views and the largest selection of beers.

Two adjacent bars with live music attract big crowds in the spring break seasons. Fly Me to the Moon Saloon and O’Bannon Irish Pub are often venues for well-known performers.

Town also has numerous concerts and festivals during the ski -season and in the summer peak season. The venue for most activities is Town Park, a 36-acre place surrounded by mountains.

Telluride museum

Telluride Historical Museum hosts guest exhibitions but also has a permanent collection in ten rooms. The themes are rich mining history, as well as ski and festival past of the area. In addition, there are guided tours, including historic walking tours.

Palm Theater Telluride

Modern art venue Palm Theater opened in 22004 has 667 seats for theatrical performances, incredible state-of-the-art equipment, and enjoyable facilities and amenities. The theatre attracts the most prominent performing groups from around the country, especially in peak season.

If you’re excited about beautiful Rockies town, don’t forget to check ESTA status before booking your flight. ESTA permit lets you stay in the US for up to 90 days in one visit.

Bottom line

Telluride is a big small town. Famous ski destination, foodie hotspot in the Rockies, spring break vacation spot for many Texans and visitors from nearby states. It has plenty to offer in the winter months, but summers also provide an extended list of fun activities.

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