Ten Important Tips For Driving at Night


How to be safe at night? Stay tuned for the following ten-night driving notes!

Driving is a job that everyone does every day. Millions of people drive daily. It is a very normal job, but it is not safe. Every hour, in the world, there are hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents. Many of them occur at night. How to be safe at night? Stay tuned for the following ten-night driving notes!

Be careful when driving at night

1. Know where you are going

Of course this is what you need the most attention. In fact, driving after 10 pm is very dangerous. If the job is not important, keep it until the next morning. If you must go at night, make sure you are familiar with the route. A path with lots of obstacles and bends, go when familiar with them.

If it’s an unfamiliar route, don’t worry. There are many online tools available to help you navigate your way. For example, google maps application. Very good online applications. They help you track the route to go, even clear to the details. Remember you should know where you are going and how you are going!

2. Be equipped with necessary furniture

After 10 pm, you don’t know what risks there are. Thus, please prevent first. Always have all the following in your car: food, extra clothes, money and phone battery charge. These are all necessary items.

If your car breaks down in the middle of the road without help, those items will save you. Food helps you survive hunger. Clothes to use when dirty or cold. Money of course needed. Phone battery charger? Exactly. Phones today are an essential means of communication for everyone, don’t let it run out of battery.

3. Check the car before you go

Do not be subjective. To avoid any damage to your vehicle at any time, please check the vehicle’s system before you leave. Sometimes, because dirt is stuck to the engine does not start the engine. Preventing all risks is never redundant.

4. Review the guaranteed light system

Why do I have to separate this item? Because you are going at night. At night, the most important and first priority is the lighting. Make sure your lighting system is working. Of course, both near and headlight systems need to checked. In the case of city roads, it is not necessary. But if you are going to the suburbs, the headlight system is very important.

According to state regulations, when driving in a city, do not turn on your headlights. Only when traveling on the highway, can you use it. Your car lights need to be always clean. If there is a layer of dirt on the car lights, it will not light as usual.

5. Pay attention to the tire system

When driving at night, besides the lights, the other important thing is the tire system. Why is that? The tire system is only important when driving at night. Moreover, when the tire problem on the road at night will be very annoying. Before going check the tire pressure and condition of the tire.

6. Do not look at the lights

Your eyes will become sensitive to light at night. When your eyes have exposed to the shadows for a while, the bright light will cause your eyesight to drop. Especially when you look at the lights of other vehicles. You will experience temporary blindness. It is dangerous if you do not see anything while driving at night.

7. Keep distance

Keep your distance from other vehicles on the road. At night, when visibility limited, do not go too close to other vehicles. If there is an accident, you will not be able to respond . Thus, always maintain a distance with other vehicles to be able to control the situation. In case something unfortunate happens.

Besides, it is also necessary to keep a distance from the curb. For the topography of the road you need to be careful with the boundary lines. If you’re on a hilly road, drive close to the cliff, not near the abyss. It will not know what happened when your car plunged into the abyss.

8. Only use a certain speed

This means that you should maintain a moderate speed while driving. Don’t go so fast. Also do not go too slow. Speed and maintain it. Do not use the accelerator pedal or the brake pedal too much. Direction when driving will lead to an unfortunate accident. In the dark, we always limit our view. Driving too fast may hit the rear of the vehicle in front. Driving too causes the rear vehicle to hit.

9. Stop the car to rest when tired

If you are driving in the dark, take a break when needed. If you’re tired, don’t try to drive. Driving in an unsafe condition will lead to an accident. Moreover, it also drives at night. If you tired, stop drinking water and eating food. If you are sleepy, stop and take a nap.

Note that when you stop, turn on the signal light or raise the sign. You also need to move the vehicle close to the curb so that it does not affect other vehicles. Remember, before you rest, close and lock the doors. This is for your safety.

10. You must always be alert

Staying awake for yourself is a must when traveling during the day or at night. But, at night it is more difficult because your body used to sleep. So, alertness will help you maintain driving speed. Meanwhile, you can avoid many unfortunate accidents. You can turn on music, radio or talk with a companion to forget sleepiness. You can also chew gum or drink water to stay awake.


In short, you need to pay attention to a lot of things when driving at night. But, if it’s not necessary, limit driving at night. Driving is a risky job, and driving at night is far more risky. This article deals with ten notes when driving at night. Hope they are useful to you. Do not forget to come to us with other articles.

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