The 6 Basic Engine Repair Tool That You Need for Your Car


An engine is like the heart of a car. Therefore, it’s a bit difficult to repair this crucial part. However, proper tools can win half of the battle just like torque wrench for lug nuts.

Though today’s new models come with robust engines that don’t show any serious damage for a long time. Yet drivers face common engine issues such as overheating, worn spark plug, poor compression etc. However, the right tool at the right time can solve these cases and make the trip enjoyable.

This article represents a brief sketch of 6 Essential Engine Works Tools That You Need for Your Car. Keep these tools in your toolbox to sail safely in your car.

Tools You Need for Engine Repair or Rebuild

Whether you are a car mechanic or doing some DIY to fix an engine issue, collect these basic tools before you start your job.

Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is one of 6 important tools to work on an engine. This special type of wrench is needed to tighten fasteners in a way that neither over tighten nor is too loose.

Guessing the tightness of the nut is not right. And, when it’s a car engine, you must be careful! If you deny using the perfect torque wrench, you may face issues of cross-threading or not tightening enough a bolt of your vehicle engine. They may cause dangerous engine damage later.

This tool can apply certain torque settings on a specific bolt. Eventually, they are accurately fastened, and you’re out of risk!


Working on a car engine is difficult, especially for tight spaces. So you need instruments that help you win the game by reaching confined spaces.

A ratchet is a handy tool that works in association with a socket. It performs the same job as an ordinary wrench does tightening or loosening fasteners. However, a ratchet or a socket wrench is the best suit where there is not enough room like a car engine.

Several types of ratchets are- long reach ratchet, stubby ratchet, flex head ratchet. It may also vary according to drive sizes, tooth counts, etc.

Each type of ratchet has its uses. For example, a flex head ratchet is the best fit if you strive to remove a spark plug in a bizarre place due to tight engine configuration.

Impact Wrench

Fasteners are valuable to keep the car engine in place. So, it’s essential to handle these bolts accurately. Impact wrenches are useful in that way.

An impact wrench can offer high rotational torque for loosening or tightening nuts or frozen bolts. It’s maybe expensive only when you buy it. But, later, it will help you perform engine repair and other automotive tasks easily. It saves time as it can remove tight nuts quickly.

Pneumatic, corded, and cordless- these three basic types of impact wrenches exist in the market.

Extension Bar

An extension bar is a long metal pipe that prolongs the reach of a socket wrench as much as 12 inches or more. Car mechanics often use this tool to reach bolts under engine that are unreachable through typical wrenches.

This equipment is placed between a socket bit and a wrench. Then, it can deliver full torque, which is created by a wrench.

An extension bar is a handy tool to operate on a spark plug. This is an integral part of an internal combustion engine. It needs to be replaced or repaired periodically. So, an extension bar is necessary to loosen and unscrew plugs easily.

Engine Hoist

Can you imagine how heavy a car engine is? The average weight is around 350 pounds (without transmission) which may extend up to 1000 pounds. It would be impossible to lift this heavy part manually. But luckily, engine hoists exist.

Engines need to be lifted out frequently for repair. Therefore, an engine crane is commonly seen in car garages. An engine hoist (also known as an engine crane) is an instrument in the automotive industry used to hold up an engine block out of the car or to install it.

Hydraulic hoists are topping the game over electric and chain hoists. These types are not only inexpensive but also feature high lifting capacity and quick pace.

Spark Plug Socket

Replacing a spark plug can boost your vehicle’s engine performance. And, it’s a simple task that you can perform on the weekend. Anyway, some equipment (such as a ratchet, spark plug socket, etc.) must be in your hand to replace it successfully.

The spark plug socket fits between ratchet and plug. It grabs and swivels the spark plug inside the engine. Don’t worry! This plug removal tool is found in markets at a low price.

Final Thought

Working on a car engine is not a piece of cake. There is not enough room to operate easily. Again, it’s a sensitive part of your car. You should treat it carefully. That’s why we picked 6 essential engine works tools that you need for your car. These basic tools help you fix any engine troubles accurately.

Enjoy driving!

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