The Best Cars in NASCAR History

The rich history of American motorsports has witnessed countless top-notch cars and drivers pass through its racetracks since its inception. Deciding on the best NASCAR cars in history wasn’t easy, but we’ve compiled some of the most historic and memorable vehicles that have left their tire mark on the sport.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Year’s Active: 1971 to 2007

The Chevy Monte Carlo is an iconic car model without its NASCAR presence. Still, despite being in a class of its own, it will most likely be remembered as a NASCAR fan favorite due to its 396 career wins – x2 more than any other car model.

Some of the most legendary drivers in NASCAR history belted up in the Monte Carlo, including Dale Earnhardt Sr and Jeff Gordon, both of whom witnessed much success with it. The four championships won by Gordon were all claimed whilst seated in this Chevvy standout from 1995 to 2001.

Often referred to as “The Intimidator”, Earnhardt became a legend whilst using the Monte Carlo, and his nickname was born when he was behind the wheel of this fuel-filled masterpiece.

No other car has won more races than the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and while it’s not in production for NASCAR today, it would have been the most sought-after car to wager on with sports betting apps. In today’s climate, bettors flock to the Toyota, Ford, and of course, the Chevrolets when looking to capitalize on an elite-level car.

Today’s Chevrolets can keep a sports bettor’s pocket lined with a high level of success on the track, but nothing can quite reach the ultra-impressive record of the multiple-generation Monte Carlo that stood the test of time for over 30 years.

Chevrolet Impala

Year’s Active: 1963 to 2012

Yes, we know there’s more selection of NASCAR vehicles than Chevrolet manufactured cars, but the Impala was just as iconic as the Monte Carlo.

Off the track, the Impala sold an incredible million units in twelve months of its inception, becoming the best-selling Chevy of all time. Interestingly, Chevy sold an exact model used in NASCAR races to the public around fifty years ago, known as the Z11 kit.

Initially used in the 1960s, the Impala retired from the NASCAR Cup Level competition in 2012 with a total of 152 wins during its active years. Notable drivers such as Jeff Gordon, Dale Sr. and Jr, and Jimmie Johnson raced this car during their careers.

Toyota Camry

Year’s Active: 2007 to Current

Several years after dipping their toes in the NASCAR Truck Series, Japanese manufacturer Toyota took the leap of faith and joined the Cup Series in an attempt to compete with the highly experienced and domineering Ford and Chevrolet teams.

Their first year delivered highs and lows, but after teaming with Joe Gibbs Racing, the brands turned their competitive spirit into a real contender. Fifteen years later, their NASCAR experiment is still very present, as Toyota has collected 148 wins and three championships with the Camry.

In today’s climate, popular drivers like Kyle Busch have sported the Camry as Ford and Chevrolet are now joined by Toyota in the most dominating manufacturers list.

Ford Galaxie

NASCAR Debut: 1960

Although the Monte Carlo dominated at the time, there were periods of championship-winning years that belonged to Ford. Between 1963 and 1969, Ford took the NASCAR Manufacturers Championship in consecutive years.

The style, sound, and power of the Ford Galaxie made it one of the most adored car models to enter the sport. Notable names in NASCAR like Dan Gurney, Ned Jarrett, and Fred Lorenzen were successful in this car, and it was dominant whilst it was an active model in NASCAR.

Best known for its 427-c.i.d overhead cam V8s instead of the Hemi V8s most manufacturers used, it claimed 199 wins and assisted Jarrett in multiple Cup championships, making it one of the most decorated cars from this era.

These models were surrounded by controversy, but it didn’t stop the 7.0 litre V8 from putting the Hemi power to shame.