The Best Japanese Electric Cars You Can Buy


Today, electric cars have never been this popular. There are several reasons contributing to their popularity. The rising oil prices to begin with and the increasing environmental pollution has forced many countries to take big steps when it comes to electric cars. Furthermore, countries like the United States are trying to reduce their dependence on oil. All of this has resulted in the purchase and utilization of Japanese electric cars that are known for their reliability, range, and affordable price. So, let’s take a look at some of the major Japanese electric car models that the world has been talking about.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf is a compact five-door hatchback electric vehicle produced by Nissan. It is one of the most renowned companies in the world and is famous for its features, built quality and performance not to mention luxury and easy maintenance as well. The Nissan Leaf is powered by a 35-kWh lithium-ion battery with an 80-kW motor that can put 107 horsepower into the front wheels. It provides its owners the benefits of an all-electric car. 

Furthermore, it is quiet with no cabin noise and has close to zero maintenance cost. In addition to that, it is a green car with no CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption. When compared to other cars in the same category, Nissan Leaf surely stands out. 

Mitsubishi iMiEV

Those who have owned a Mitsubishi or even heard about it atleast in their lifetime know that the name itself is sufficient for the quality and repute of the products it has been offering. Mitsubishi is a pioneer in many household appliances as well. May it be ovens, heaters, and air conditioners, Mitsubishi competes in almost all major categories. 

However, when it comes to electric cars, this is where it locks its horns with other competitors. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is a five-door electric hatchback vehicle that is rebadged in Europe by PSA Peugeot Citroen and sold as the Peugeot iOn and Citroen C-Zero. At the time when it was released worldwide, this vehicle was making the rounds on every corner. Some people were discussing it because it was simply cute while others adored the overall package. 

Perhaps the best thing about this vehicle is that it is the least expensive EV sold. The vehicle features an excellent turning radius, smooth drive, and comfortable feel. It can easily seat your kids and drive around the streets without giving out even a single carbon commission. It is powered by a 66-hp electric motor placed under the rear seats. The 47-kilowatt motor of Mitsubishi i-MiEV sends 66 horsepower and 133 pounds of torque to the car’s rear-wheel-drive system. 

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is basically an SUV that features a comfortable cabin, is roomy with awesome mid-range performance. It comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and additional electric motors. Moreover, the Outlander comes with 3 drive modes to achieve optimal fuel efficiency i.e. EV drive mode, Series hybrid mode, and parallel hybrid drive mode. Not only that its cabin includes extra soundproofing to make the vehicle as quiet as possible in EV Drive Mode and even on gasoline mode. 

Honda Fit EV

Honda Fit is another excellent Japanese electric vehicle that you can opt for. It is the perfect overall package one can ask for. A unique factor that separates Honda Fit EV from others in this category is that it is available in almost every color you can imagine. It is a car on which every color pops out. What this means is that you cannot go wrong with anyone. Honda designed this vehicle to be the perfect spacious urban vehicle. 

It comes with several features that are offered as standard such as the voice-activated navigation system that is displayed in a tidy 6.5 inch-screen set in the dashboard. Moreover, it also comes with a remote that is designed and can be used to charge a vehicle from upto a 100 feet away. It can also turn on the climate control while the car is charging. With a performance that is impossible to beat and a driving experience that is hard to match, the Honda Fit is here to stay with us for a while. 

Toyota RAV4 EV

The Toyota RAV4 EV happens to be an all-electric version of the RAV4 EV manufactured by Toyota, which is quite smooth and comfortable. It is one of the most popular Japanese car brands featuring a motor that happens to produce 154 horsepower along with a strong 273 lb-ft of torque. One can call it a cross-over that competes with the likes of Honda Wezel and others. 

It comes with a Performance Oriented Sports Mode as well that enables it to attain a top speed of 78 mph and achieves 0-60 mph within seven seconds. However, the car is not a cheap purchase but it does pack unique and interesting features. At the moment, it is the only all-electric crossover in the market. 

Toyota Prius PHEV

You might have heard the name Toyota Prius. The reason being that the majority of car fanatics term it the king of hybrid as well as all-electric sedans. You can argue as much as you want but Toyota is the pioneer of hybrid vehicles. It has stepped into the world of Hydrogen cell vehicles as well along with all-electric offerings. 

Considering the quality, features, and price offered by Toyota to its customers for the all-electric vehicles, it is hard to beat the Toyota Prius PHEV. It is a plug-in hybrid that is based on the third-generation Toyota Prius and fitted with 4.4 kWh lithium-ion batteries co-developed with Panasonic. 

The Toyota Prius PHEV can travel at a high speed and cover longer distances than the conventional Prius Hybrid. The Lithium-ion battery pack can be fully charged within 180 minutes at either 120 volts or in 90 minutes at 240 volts. Furthermore, the hybrid system of the vehicle delivers 134 net horsepower using the 98 horsepower motor and a 60-kilowatt electric motor. 

Final Word

With new regulations and standards popping up related to environmental safety, there is no doubt that every manufacturer out there is fighting for the best all-electric vehicle each year. Apart from that, it has become a trend as well. The world seems to be slowly shifting to all-electric technology, which will probably decide what the future holds for us.

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