The Best Performance Tires

The automobile is certainly one heck of an invention and something that most of us definitely enjoy. Being able to get into your car or truck, start it up, and drive where you want is just something that has changed the world for the better in countless ways. The birth of the automobile was huge for the evolution of modern society. Having trucks that could deliver goods from one side of the nation to the other was the only reason the Industrial Revolution worked out for us all. And today’s cars and trucks and SUVs are getting a lot better, especially when it comes to fuel mileage, carbon emissions, and other important criteria.

Though, another area where vehicles are really excelling today is their quality tires, available at Good Tire. A wheel on your car that can cover more miles, handle terrain better, and just perform much better and safer over a much longer period is something very special. Though how can you find the right tire for your vehicle? Which of them out there perform the best? While lists like these might change every year or few, let’s go over some of the best tire options that you’re going to be able to find in 2020, as we’re winding down and heading into a new year.

The Top 6 Wheels You Can Get in 2020

1: Michelin Pilot Sport 45

Sleek, stylish and bold, the Pilot Sport 45 from Michelin is a max performance summer tire that has pretty much been as popular as they come since being developed a few years ago. This is a great option that someone can pick up as an aftermarket option, of course, but they’re so reliable that you will find this item on cars coming off the lot for tons of big brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and even luxury sports cars like Porsche. Perhaps the best thing about the Pilot Sport 45 is that it’s made to operate well on wet and dry surfaces, and the asymmetrical tread pattern grips well to the road in practically any conditions. Perhaps the biggest selling point of this tire is that people review it highly. Those who use the Pilot Sport 45 sing its praises very loudly.

2: BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp-2

When it comes to high-performance tires that are reliable, it’s really hard to beat BFGoodrich for their rugged durability and reliability. No one knows this better than the Ford brand, who use this sort of tire on everything from the cars they roll off the assembly line all the way to their racing team. This particular model, the G-Force Comp-2, is very sleek and sporty, showing off a lower profile than most similar options, but features twin center ribs for traction that really allow for a sure grip on surfaces wet and dry. The stiff steel belt reinforcements also gives the G-Force Comp-2 a lot of rigidity and durability, so that they’re going to hold up a lot longer than most competitor brands. Overall, people who review this option positively speak about one thing over all others: Precision.

3: Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport

For anyone who knows anything about a high-quality tire, they know that Bridgestone is always up there near the top of everyone’s list, and nothing really changes with the Potenza model. This is a popular tire, one of the most popular on the market, and for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s the go-to choice for most coupes and sports-types. So if your automobile is all about speed, then the Potenza is a great option. It can handle traction well in many conditions travelling at higher speeds, so it’s a great highway tire. It might not be the best option for sedans and SUVs and trucks, however. This is far more of a car tire. Perhaps its biggest selling point is that the Potenza offers a very smooth and comfortable ride. Precision and balance are what make the Potenza really stand out.

4: Michelin Pilot Super Sport

If you were to aggregate a bunch of lists like these, the top-5s, the top-10s, etc., what you would likely find is that Michelin is the number-one brand represented when speaking about a quality tire option. Their products are so high-quality that it’s impossible to ignore this brand. They really show their worth here with the Pilot Super Sport. Though like the Bridgestone option above, this is a tire that’s far more suited for sporty-type automobiles and not SUVs and trucks. This is because they’re very low-profile and super light while running very fast and maintaining traction. They’re not quite racing slicks, of course, but they’re made for higher speeds on smaller, faster automobiles. This is truly a high-performance option for those with coupes or sports cars.

5: Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Perhaps the only tire on the list that could legitimately be used on a race car, the ExtremeContact Sport from Continental is all about getting the most traction possible. The tire itself has a flat-like appearance because it was made to grip as much of the road as possible. This is why you’re going to find this tire on a Ferrari, more often than not. It’s a very comfortable tire that runs quiet and smooth. In many respects, it’s just Continental’s answer to Michelin’s SuperSport. A downside here would be that there’s not a lot of tread on this tire, and so it’s not going to last as long as others. Though when speaking about the options that have been rated the highest for 2020, the ExtremeContact Sport is right where it belongs on this list. Just keep in mind that this isn’t ideal for sedans or anything larger. It’s a great option for couples.

6: Bridgestone Turanza ER30

It’s no surprise here that Bridgestone makes another appearance on the list. In the world of wheels, one would be hard-pressed to overlook Bridgestone for pure performance and reliability. The Turanza is really one of the best that the brand has developed in recent memory. It looks like a beast; a lot more massive than it actually is, thanks to the deep, thick tread pattern here on the radial. This is one that can be multi-use. While you could see this on a Porsche Boxter tearing up the Autobahn, you could also see this quiet, comfortable, reliable tire on a family mid-sized SUV, ensuring that children are being taken to school safely. It really stands out in terms of its traction and its ability to handle well in wet or dry conditions.

If you find a reputable local tire distributor near you, the idea of this list is to give you an idea of options to seek. If they don’t carry these exact tire options, then focus more on what the best options offer: Performance, traction, and a comfortable ride. Use the positive selling points of the best choices to help you make the best choice.