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If there was a human discovery more important than the wheel, we certainly can’t think of it. In terms of something that’s endlessly useful on all manner of vehicles, from skateboards and bikes and shopping carts to long-haul trucks and everyday cars, the wheel and tire combo is pretty much the invention that allowed us to reach from our primitive state to our current societies. That’s not overselling the importance one bit. Just picture how life would look if we didn’t have wheels and objects that were able to roll around. Of course, most of us don’t think in those terms. We’re happy enough to have automobiles and machinery that operates well, and we typically only think about tires when it’s time to change one. Though the next time you go to do that, you might want to take a minute to think about replica tires.

Replica wheels and tires simply refers to third-party manufacturers and not the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. When you shop for replica rims, tires and other parts, you’re opening yourself up to a much broader selection of parts. If you want to shop for replica parts, how do you know which is the best store to shop at? There are great locations out there like, but how can you spot them? Let’s speak a little bit about the subject.

What Does Replica Mean?

Replica is the huge range of parts that aren’t created by the manufacturer. For instance, when a popular car like a Ford goes through the assembly line, it has a manufacturer’s brand of rims and tires on it. This brand might also make replica tires that you can purchase from different locations, via a brand like Goodyear, but the tires that are going onto the Ford were made specifically for that purpose. As you know, of course, every car that comes off the line and into the factory floor features rims and tires.

Basically, the tires it comes equipped with are the OEM, and anything aftermarket is considered the replica market. So when you go to throw some fancy, shiny rims on your ride, these are called replica rims. They get this name because they’re replicating the exact dimensions that you need to make them fit on your vehicle. About half the cars you see on the road feature replica parts. But which is better for your automobile?

Replica or OEM: Which is Better?

Figuring out which parts are better really depends on myriad factors. There’s no way to flatly say that one is better or one is worse. It depends on what you’re after and what you need the parts for. Let’s say that you want something that looks better, something much more high-end than what you have. For you, replica wheels will be better because you can really get very fancy here and get any sorts of rims and tires that you want. The sky’s the limit when it comes to options. If you want a very high-end set of chrome rims, you can find them.

How about if you will be driving in tough weather conditions and so you need a tire that was really built to do well on snow and ice? Again, this is another instance where having replica parts will work out better for you. You can find all sorts of different winter tires for your vehicle that are going to stand up to the weather better than OEM parts. Then again, you might not need any of these things, and the OEM parts you received are just fine for your purposes. In this case, the OEM parts are better for you. So, you see, it all depends on you as an individual.

How to Choose the Best Replica Tire Company

Tires showing for sell or fix in the shop. Tire repair concept. Closeup of damaged car tire. Car wheel in auto repair shop.

If you do want replica parts for your car like rims and tires, you might want to know about finding the best companies in the business to assist you with your needs. Here are a few things you can do to find quality.

1. Think Locally

The first thing you can do here is to think locally. The reason for this is that you want to think about your overall costs, which are going to include shipping. The farther away the parts are, the more you’re going to have to pay to have them shipped to you. Plus, you will be waiting longer to get your wheels. Shopping locally is far more beneficial.

2. Look at Their Selection

Next up, check out the selection of parts that the company is carrying. They should have plenty of replica parts for you in both rims and tires, and perhaps other things that you didn’t even think about. Though what you’re really looking for here is a wide selection of rims and plenty of tires from which you can choose. If you’re shopping for a replica, then you’re shopping for your tastes, not for 1:1 OEM replacements.

3. Comparing the Prices

Check out the prices that the company is charging you. While it is true that you’re going to pay a bit more for quality parts, no matter where you shop, it’s also true that the best companies will offer competitive rates because they want your business. So check out their rates and find a company offering fair prices.

4. See What the People Say

Lastly, you should check up with your peers to see what they’re saying about a particular company. You can check out their honest reviews on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can check out YouTube for actual live reviews of the products. This is how you find actual customers, not just sponsored content, so you can know exactly the sort of quality you can expect.

Just keep in mind that rims and tires are incredibly important parts for your vehicle. If you are going to make a change with replicas, make sure you’re going with some high-quality parts that are worth it. There are some good companies that you can find operating locally that can fulfill all of your needs for replica wheels.

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