The Biggest Casino Wins of All Time

Every gambler dreams of hitting a jaw-dropping jackpot. Some people do, and the stories of real winners attest to this. Surely, the odds of getting millions are relatively low, but this is still possible. Discover some of the luckiest gamblers so far.

Different games have different odds. Although the house wins in the long run, some players get exceptionally lucky. For example, the biggest payout in Absolootly for Canadians is 2343 times your stake! Here are the most spectacular winnings the industry has seen.

1. Archie Karas — $40 million

This immigrant from Greece moved to Las Vegas with just $50 in his pocket. Soon, he made a name for himself as a talented poker player, a real genius. Archie placed increasingly big wagers and made a fortune. He even set a record for a lucky streak in Vegas — the “run.” For 30 months, the Greek gained $40 million. Sadly, he blew it all away in just 3 weeks.

2. Anonymous “Peter” — $38 million

This spectacular win occurred online. The Norwegian user hit the big progressive jackpot, winning the equivalent of 11.7 million krone. This shows the power of such games, as their prize pools grow with every wager across the network.

3. Kerry Packer — $30 million

This billionaire was nicknamed the “Prince of Whales.” His fortune allowed him to make large wagers at slot machines and give over $1 million in tips over the years. The high roller played at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. After winning roughly 42 million, Kerry blew some of it away, so it is difficult to establish how much he actually gained.

4. Elmer Sherwin — $25 million

This gambler got exceptionally lucky twice. First, he hit the jackpot in the Mirage Las Vegas when it had just opened. This brought him $4.6 million. Sixteen years later, he returned to the establishment and hit the jackpot again. This time he got five times as much money — $21 million!

5. Anonymous Engineer — $39.7 million

The 25-year-old engineer hit the slot jackpot in Las Vegas. The Excalibur casino rewarded him with a windfall — almost 40 million. The lucky player decided to divide his winning into $1.5 million chunks, which were paid annually. To secure the payout, he had only spent $100.

6. John Tippin — $12 million

This ordinary worker of the post office became a millionaire overnight. He walked out of the Gold Coast Casino with $12 million. Unfortunately, he failed to spend this money wisely — he squandered it all on his hedonistic pursuits.

7. Amy Nishimura — $8.9 Million

When Amy Nishimura visited Fremont Las Vegas, she had an unusual strategy — sweet talking to the slots. The woman did it for 3 hours in a row, and her prayers were answered. That night, she won 8.9 million dollars having spent just $100.

8. Mike Ashley — £1.4 million/$1.83 Million

Mike Ashley was no ordinary gambler when he secured his spectacular win. The owner of Newcastle United did not intend to play the roulette at the Fifty London for longer than 15 minutes. By the end of the period, he had added $1.83 million to his fortune.

9. Beverly Whitten — $3.7 Million

Sometimes, even retired teachers get lucky. In 2006, Beverly Whitten tried her luck at the Mountaineer Casino and Resort. Good night, the slot machines were exceptionally generous. After 2 hours of playtime, the “Golden Chambers” machine rewarded her with $3,718,311. Like Amy Nishimura, she split her winnings into monthly instalments.

Gambling in 2021

Aren’t these stories inspiring? These are the most striking examples of multi-million winnings. There have been even more astonishing payouts around the world! Casinos — offline and online — can turn your life around. Online casinos publish full lists of winners — check them out and see for yourself!

Today, you do not have to visit Vegas to win a fortune. Try your luck in reputable online casinos, where the best games and lavish jackpots are available 24/7. Be wiser than the previous big winners: if you happen to secure a windfall, do not blow it all away.