The Biggest Mistakes of Motorcycle Travel


All over the world, people are hopping on the back of their motorcycles for a leisurely ride. There’s something about the open road, fresh air, and freedom that brings people to love riding. It’s a soul-freeing experience that millions of people partake in. Even more popular than motorcycles though, is traveling. Attempting to find meaning to life in different parts of the planet or finding a new adventure seems to thrill humans to their core. The combination of these two soul-searching hobbies is a long road trip on the motorcycle. Grab a few friends, get the gear ready, forget a plan and hit the road. Nothing can be better for your mental health. 

More people these days seem to be taking part in motorcycle travel than in past generations. Touring motorcycles aren’t all the rage anymore amongst buyers, but no matter the type of chopper you ride, you can’t deny the excitement of a lengthy journey on the back of your bike. It’s a rewarding and relaxing activity that puts people in better places emotionally. 

While the benefits of a long motorcycle trip are exponential, there are many mistakes that can ruin the trip in a flash. These mistakes range from simple things that often are overlooked, to huge mistakes that can put a trip on hold. To help you on your next adventure, here are the biggest mistakes of motorcycle travel you should avoid at all costs. 


The number one mistake that most “rookie” motorcycle voyagers do is overpack. Long trips aren’t meant to be difficult. We get it, it’s tough to determine exactly what you’ll need, and sometimes, being Mr. Simple is not that simple. You never know what awaits you on the open road, so it can be easy to overpack for a long adventure. You may not get this right on your first road trip, but paying close attention to how much you pack is important. 

For example, you probably don’t need a jacket for every day of the week. Pick your favorite jacket and use it the whole trip. Leave the things you don’t NEED at home. 

Too Much Planning

Look, it’s never a bad thing to plan a long motorcycle trip out a little bit. Planning is a good thing; it can keep you on a schedule and let you know what’s next in your journey. However, too much planning can be awful for a good adventure.

If your road trip is running on tight deadlines, you’re doing it wrong. Traveling on the back of your two-wheeled partner shouldn’t be painstaking. If you need a break, pull over and grab a cold one. If you want to change plans, great. The number one spoiler of any good adventure is planning everything out, down to the mile. 

Using the Wrong Gear

Touring the world on a motorcycle will not be easy. The vibration of the bike will get old after a while, so you should be prepared with the correct equipment. Using the wrong gear will land you in big trouble. 

If you’re taking a trip through the Rocky Mountains, you might encounter some cold weather. Don’t be the one in the group that forgets gloves and a facemask. The opposite is true in warm climates; don’t bundle up in five layers if you’re driving through Arizona in the middle of summer. 

Even worse than using the wrong biking gear, is using new gear. The use of brand-new gear on a touring trip will bite you where the sun doesn’t shine. New gear should be tried out, worn in, and adjusted before it’s used. If you’re going to spend all day on the saddle, you don’t want to be uncomfortable. 


While most mistakes on a long ride through the country won’t get you in too much trouble, running out of money most certainly will. That makes overspending one of the largest mistakes you can make on a tour. 

You do not need that “I Love Sturgis” shirt or the Harley Davidson lighter that costs $60. Budget your money. Go into the trip knowing how much money you have to spend a day, and don’t go over that amount. The last thing you want to do is end up broke by the end of the adventure. Remember also, things get stolen, so having a reserve card or cash in a different spot deep in your pack could end up saving your life. 

Riding Too Long

As mentioned before, the vibration of your bike will become a problem by the end of the day. Don’t be the group that rides for eight straight hours with only one stop for gas. Riding for a long amount of time can actually make you have a sour taste in your mouth about the drive tomorrow. Take your time, and who knows – you may spend a whole day without riding. Find a quaint town that you and the fellas enjoy and call it a night. 

The early bird most certainly does not get the worm when you’re traveling a long distance on a motorcycle. 

Picking a Destination

Knowing where you want to end up is not a bad thing, but don’t be afraid to be flexible. Sometimes it’s better to not pick a destination and instead pick out stops you want to see. If you choose a single location as your final destination, you could end up missing things in the pursuit of that one location. The world is filled with beautiful and wondrous things; the bike rally at the end of the tunnel is not the only thing to see. Don’t forget to experience life during the trip. 

Picking the Wrong Company

This mistake should go without saying, but riding with the wrong company will ruin your trip and your mood. Hopefully, you’re taking the road trip with only your closest friends. If you aren’t traveling with people who want the same things, you may want to think again. Not all travelers travel the same. If you have a riding partner that wants to go fast and you want to take it slow, that trip is not going to end well. Assure your company is the best company for a country-wide tour.

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