The Cars that Shaped the Automotive Industry


If you ask anyone who has spent time in the 21st century, they will tell you their favorite care make and model – even if they’ve owned 50 cars at that time. The truth is, there is no one car that stands out as shaping the automotive industry – there are a few.

From being historically important to a smash hit when it first came out, there are many ways that different car makes and models determined the future of the automotive industry. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Original Jeep of the 1940s

Everyone knows what a Jeep looks like – especially if you’ve lived in a college town at some point in your life. They’re usually driven by young college students at the beach or in the mountains. However, did you know that the Jeep goes all the way back to the Second World War?

That’s right – the original Jeep was called the Willys-Overland Jeep, and it was so influential in the automotive industry that it actually helped the Allies win the war. Not every military vehicle makes the transition to civilian life, but some do – like the Jeep. This is the kind of car where you can throw anything at it, and it’ll maintain its integrity.

2. Ford Pick-Up Truck

If you’ve made a road trip into rural America recently, you might have driven through a couple of smaller towns and seen a few pickups parked at random. The Ford Pick-Up truck is the quintessential American farm vehicle and has been for decades.

It isn’t just favored by farmers, though. The Ford Pick-Up has been a favorite of Americans far and wide since the 1980s, so much as that it’s been America’s best selling car since then. This is pretty impressive considering the diversity of car makes and models since then.

Do you plan to join the majority in the states who own a Ford Pick-Up? The best part is, you don’t even have to go and see it at the showroom first. With high-resolution car pictures, you can envision your very own Ford Pick-Up truck in 3D idling right in your driveway.

3. Volkswagen Beetle

This wouldn’t be an article about cars that shaped the automotive industry without the inclusion of the Volkswagen Beetle. This iconic car was known as the ‘people’s car’ and was created pre-WWII as a cheaper version of older car models that not everyone could afford.

While the VW Beetle has officially ended its reign, it has certainly had an impressive run and paved the way for basic, affordable transportation.

4. Ford Mustang

Any action movie – or Tarantino movie for that matter – will tell you that you need a Ford Mustang in your life. It’s an ambition by many to one day own a Mustang, just as it was back in the 1960s when it was marketed to the youth of America.

Of course, it was a success straight away.

There are many cars that have shaped the automotive industry to be what it is today. It’s also a lot easier to buy your dream car if you can visualize it in your driveway, first. Choose wisely, and join the ranks of satisfied car owners who have bought a little piece of history with each purchase.

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