The Cost of Sunroof Replacement


Sunroofs have become an increasingly popular fixture in North American cars for ventilation purposes, aesthetic reasons, and to enjoy the sun and warmth on any given summer day. But when your vehicle suffers from any damage and the sunroof needs repairs or to be entirely replaced, it can come at quite a cost. Windshield repairs are similar to sunroof repairs as they both are made from tempered glass and can be extremely susceptible to accidental damage. Other than accidents that can occur, sunroof malfunctions, cracks, and vandalism are all common reasons why a sunroof will also need a repair or replacement.

This article contains all the information needed to know if you own a sunroof that will potentially need to be repaired and replaced.

Common damages to sunroofs

There are several reasons why a sunroof will require repairs or replacements after years of wear and tear. Broken motors, shattered glass, and visible and growing cracks are only some of the ways a sunroof within a car can cease to function properly. Here are the most common reasons why a sunroof will need repairs or complete replacements:

  • Leaking: When a sunroof leaks, it can cause extensive damage to a vehicle. A sunroof that leaks and drips water into your car might have a damaged rubber seal that is supposed to prevent moisture from coming through the vehicle. Check the small holes situated at the corners of the sunroof. These small holes act as a drainage system that funnels water through the car and subsequently onto the roads. Dirt, leaves, and debris can obstruct these small holes and must be cleaned and the drain pipes removed for cleaning as well. If the rubber seal is significantly damaged, it must be replaced.
  • Broken glass: Debris on the road that makes an impact with a sunroof can potentially damage and crack it, or worse, shatter the glass. Depending on the extent of the damage, the shattered glass may ruin the interior of a car and create hazardous driving conditions. Glass replacement isn’t too much of a hassle compared to cleaning up the broken glass. Because tempered glass tends to shatter into minuscule pieces, cleaning up the aftermath of broken sunroof glass can be a laborious task that may require professional attention.
  • Broken track and cable: A broken track and cable can prevent the sunroof from easily sliding, and it is an essential malfunction that may require a professional repair or, most likely, replacement.
  • Motor failure: Motor failure can cause the sunroof to retract improperly, and it is a rare obstruction to a sunroof from working that will need to be repaired or replaced. Both replacement and repair can be costly.

Repair costs

The cost of repairing a sunroof can be as little as $250 and can go as high as $750. Of course, the fees depend on the location where you get the repairs completed, the model of the car that needs repairs, if modifications are required to make the sunroof fit correctly, and how much labour is involved. There are also two popular types of sunroofs that require different repairs that vary in price:

  • Moonroof: Moonroofs are power operated and will be pushed back by the press of a button, allowing the glass to slide back and forth by rails that are between the interior headliner and the roof. Moonroof repairs are more on the pricier side as they can cost between $1000-$2000 to fix and replace.
  • Top-mount: A top-mount sunroof consists of a glass panel that slides in and out. It can either be installed manually or electrically like a moonroof. A button on the dash of the vehicle can be pressed to open the top-mount sunroof. A top-mount can cost between $700-and $1500 to fix and replace.

Replacement parts can cost between $100-and $200 or more to do the repairs yourself. But much like a windshield repair, sunroof repairs can be a complex process that might require professional assistance to ensure the sunroof is adequately repaired.

Replacement costs

Replacement costs of a sunroof depend on the type of sunroof that needs replacing, the damaged areas, and glass replacement. The following is the cost of individual and specific repairs

  • Glass replacement: $300-$400
  • Moonroof: $1200-$2000
  • Topmount: $700-$1500
  • Cable or track replacement: $500-$800
  • Motor replacement: $200-$500
  • Drainage area cleaning: $80-$150

Unfortunately, typical insurance policies don’t cover sunroofs. Although, more comprehensive insurance policies can cover the glass on a vehicle. If your sunroof has been damaged by no fault of your own, it is always worth inquiring about the coverage to your local car insurance provider.

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