The Different Types of Compensation in a Car Accident Case

Car accidents can often lead to damage and injuries that alter the lives of people involved, sometimes permanently. Whether the accidents occur due to negligence, careless driving or lack of adherence to traffic rules, parties affected will need compensation due to damage to property or loss of income. An accident victim can receive the following types of compensation after an accident.

1. Damage to Property Compensation

If your car is damaged due to carelessness from another person, you are eligible for compensation. This includes fixing the damaged parts of your car, replacing accessories and even the cost of replacing a car that has been written off. However, you must prove that the other party caused the damage before you can receive compensation.

If the value of the loss is greater than that of your car, the insurance company should compensate you an amount equivalent to the cost of your car. In order to get proper representation, it is important to seek the services of qualified professionals such as the Phoenix car accident lawyers at Gallagher & Kennedy.

2. Loss of Income Compensation

This compensation includes income lost due to work loss and not having the capacity to execute your previous tasks. Sometimes healthcare, property, and repairing damages can also be a source of income loss. In such scenarios where the accident leads to a temporary inability to work, the insurance agencies will compensate you for the period you will not earn due to the accident.

In cases with a permanent disability, your legal team should work towards a settlement that will serve as compensation for a lifetime of lost income. If the injuries are not permanent but may cause a decrease in earnings, you can be awarded a partial future lost income settlement. Working with a qualified attorney will be vital in determining a future lost income settlement.

3. Medical Expenses Compensation

Your medical expenses include the cost of all medical treatments you have to undergo because of your injuries. This compensation may include the cost of prescription medicine, treatment received at the hospital, the cost of medical devices or the cost of an ambulance. The medical expense compensation may also include the cost of follow-up visits necessary for recovery or sessions such as physiotherapy. It is, however, important to understand that the compensation you will receive depends on the injuries sustained and their matching cost.

It is advisable to seek medical attention and diagnosis immediately after an accident since there are injuries that may not manifest immediately. Only the injuries diagnosed and included immediately after the accident will be covered. Therefore, you must remain in hospital until conclusive examinations are conducted and necessary paperwork is concluded.

4. Pain and Suffering Compensation

Pain and suffering refer to what an individual goes through mentally and physically due to an accident. If you file for this kind of compensation, the insurance agencies will consider the nature of your injuries and the severity, including the prognosis. The mental and emotional distress an individual goes through after an accident is also part of pain and suffering.


Apart from the mentioned types of compensation like damage of property and loss of income, other types of compensation would include social security disability, Medicaid and Medicare, Private insurance, disability insurance that is either short-term or long-term and aid from the government. Getting qualified accident attorneys when seeking a car accident compensation is critical to increasing your chances of winning.