The Endless Thrills that Drive the Poularity of F1


Formula One is incredibly popular worldwide, with an estimated 1.55 billion viewers expected for the next season. This is 4% more than the figure that was predicted for 2021. In the U.S., open-air racing is dominated by the Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR. Liberty Media Inc, a U.S. company, bought Formula 1 in 2017 and has since made massive progress in growing the sport in the U.S. market.

With upcoming broadcasting rights deals worth up to $80 million agreed with ESPN, it would be fascinating to look at the methods used to cause F1 in the U.S. to suddenly become so popular. Drive for survival was a big part of helping to attract casual fans to Formula 1 and also helped to create a solid audience base in the U.S. However, it was essential to continue to build on this base. Americans will have the most Grand Prix in the world by 2023, and the popularity of Formula 1 in the U.S. has grown with each new race.

The Netflix effect

Drive to Survive, the F1 documentary series, has played a vital role in the F1 world’s meteoric rise. The show takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes look at the sport. Bringing high-octane action from race tracks and across the world to U.S. audiences via T.V. screens, tablets and smartphones have allowed brands to establish a real and lasting bond with their drivers.

The Drive to Survive series on Netflix gave an inside look at the challenges and dangers of professional motorsport. The series focused on the drivers, teams and officials who put their lives on the line to compete in the high-octane world of Formula One.

The series provided an up-close and personal look at the people who make up the sport, from the drivers to the team bosses and the mechanics. It also gives an insight into the politics and the business side of Formula One.

Drive to Survive was a must-watch for any fan of motorsport. It was a fascinating series that gave an insight into the world of Formula One. Lucky fans can also get a look behind the scenes through the services of Paddock Club F1 with their many privileged admission to behind the scenes F1 activity.

Why are you a fan of Formula One?

Guenther Steiner, team principal of Haas F1 Team, posed a single question during the premiere of the Netflix series Formula 1: Drive to Survive. Why are you a fan of Formula One? You want to see drama. You want to see somebody win a race. He answered this himself in perfect English, not skimming a beat. You do like to see people moving, and you like to see people being involved. You want to see action. You want to see people going crazy. You want to hear people talk. You want to see underdogs doing well. There’ll be more than 10 teams in each country in 2023: it’ll be a big season with 22 races and 10 teams in each country.

Worldwide popularity

Formula One is very popular worldwide; the total number of viewers for the 2023 season is estimated to be almost 2 billion. This is from the 1.85 billion viewers for the year before. This is mainly because open-road racing is now heavily dominated by Indy 500 and NASCAR. Liberty Media bought Formula 1 in 2017 and has since made massive progress in growing the sport in the U.S. market. Having recently agreed to a 75-90M dollar deal to broadcast the US Grand Prix on ESPN,

it makes sense to investigate the methods used to help drive the sudden increase in the popularity of Formula 1. Drive 2 Survive was a significant factor in driving F1 fans to the U.S. and helped create a solid audience. Other factors must be attributed to helping to continue to grow this audience. U.S. Formula 1 drivers are expected to have the most Grand Prix in the world by 2023, and with each new race, the popularity of the sport increases.

Sell-out crowds at Formula 1 races are the norm rather than the exception these days, as grand Prix racing is enjoying a massive boom  Largely due to marketing genius  through which Liberty Media has take F1 to new levels of popularity

The big break into The U.S.

The 2021 and the recent 2022 COTA have confirmed how strong F1 has become in the U.S.A.

After decades of trying to break into the U.S. market, Liberty Media finally hit gold with COTA 2021 and, more recently, with COTA 2022. Featuring classic duels between Hamilton and Verstappen, Austin, Texas, became a gladiatorial showdown to delight the record crowds. This magic has come to F1 since the Liberty Media revival.

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