The Essentials Of Vehicle Transport


There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to transport a vehicle to a different location, and it is just not possible to drive the car there yourself. So what do you do in those instances? How do you get your vehicle, be it a motorcycle or car, to your new location?

Truth be told, this is not something new, and you don’t have to stress about it; vehicle hauling has been around for years. Vehicle hauling is a term used to describe the transportation of vehicles and companies like Vehicle Haul are leaders in that field.

This article will look at all the essentials of vehicle transportation and what you need to know when you want to transport a specific vehicle. So, how do you organize vehicle shipping?

How To Organize Vehicle Shipping From Chicago To Florida

Have you heard of the term snowbirds? It is a term to describe people who migrate every year to warmer locations when the seasons change. This could be a very valid reason why you would want to ship your vehicle.

If you are moving between different locations to escape the cold, it would be difficult to get to your new place, where you are planning to stay for a couple of months. So you made up your mind to be a snowbird, and you want to travel between Chicago and Florida, and you want to take your vehicle with you. The only question now is how to organize car shipping from Chicago to Florida?

In the following two sections, we will detail everything you need to know about car and motorcycle shipping essentials.

Car Shipping Essentials

Car shipping is a method of transporting your vehicle on a specifically designed truck from one location to the next. Cars can be shipped in open or enclosed trucks; open trucks are considered the most cost-effective option.

People usually ship cars to have less mileage on their wheels, save time and money, or move multiple vehicles to a different location. The cost of vehicle shipping is not determined by your reason but by the shipping distance, route, shipping date, vehicle type, and seasonality. It is thus essential to keep these factors in mind when looking at shipping your car.

Remember that before you ship your car, take some pictures of the vehicle and write up the car’s condition. You should look at the interior and exterior of the car. It will help you to identify any problems quickly if you have a clean car.

Fill your gas tank about a quarter full to make it easier to move your car on and off the various platforms. Remember to get a set of keys ready for the driver.

Motorcycle Shipping Essentials

If you need to move your favorite motorcycle to a different state, there are two options: open or enclosed shipping. The open trail shipping is just as implied that your bike will be transported on the back of an open-air truck; this is the most cost-effective option of the two methods.

The second option is the enclosed option, where the motorcycle will be shipped within a closed truck, guaranteeing that your bike is protected from all the elements. Both options are completely safe.

Before you can ship your motorcycle, you will have to get a quote from a reliable vehicle hauler and accept the quotation. After that, you will have to prepare your vehicle for shipping. Ensure that you remove all the papers and the keys from your motorcycle, and your steering wheel should be locked.

Remember to fold your mirrors in if you have folding mirrors to avoid any unnecessary problems. Again, you must remove any personal items from your bike, such as a GPS, helmet, etc. Now, it is time to do a write-up of your motorcycle; write down everything about the bike and the condition that it is in. A few photos would help as well; this will help you if there is any problem with the bike during transit.

The average cost of transporting a bike in the US usually ranges between $650 and $750 depending on the distance, size of the bike, and the shipping option. The average time to ship a bike is about 15 business days; again, the shipping days depend on the bike’s location.

The Takeaway

For most people, their vehicles are highly valued items that they want to look after, and that is why we suggest that you use reputable leaders in vehicle transportation if you need to transport your car.

Remember the essentials when you want to ship your vehicle, and you should have a hassle-free experience.


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