The Five Safest Motorcycle Helmets in 2022


The probability of you getting safe motorcycle helmets these days is gradually low.  This is because many helmet manufacturers have shifted their focus from safety to beautiful artistic works. On the other hand, the A-1 Auto Transport website says that all interested customers can get a motorcycle with shipping.

In other words, for you to be on the right course in selecting a helmet, this article has been written to serve as a guide for you.

As of 2022, these five carefully selected helmets have been proved to be the; safest motorcycle helmets

Shoei X-14

The Shoei X-14 has a shape that limits the drag rate caused by movement through the air whenever you ride your motorcycle. This feature will aid in the reduction of noise while you are riding.

This fiber-made helmet has a very low weight, making it comfortable and convenient when you wear it.

It is also made to be spacious to pave the way for the surrounding air to get in when you put it on and as a means to prevent heat.

Arai Corsair X Helmet

Have you been in a situation where you are about to put on your helmet, but you have to twitch your nose as a result of the odor that you perceived? If yes, you can admit how unpleasant that is.

The linen of an Arai helmet is manufactured to prevent the oozing of unpleasant odor due to sweat due to its excellent ventilating feature. So, you do not have to bother about the odor issue anymore.

When you put on this top-rated Arai Corsair X helmet, you have a high rate of not being affected by shocks from hits because of its VAS (Variable Axis System) shield system. You can also check out motorcycle safety system for more great options.

Based on this feature, you can also agree that calling this helmet a shock absorber is no exaggeration.

Shoei RF- 1400 Helmet

Does this helmet name ring a bell? If yes, you are right because the Shoei RF- 1400 is a development of the Shoei RF- 1200 helmet.

So, what changed? Why the advancement? You may ask.

The Shoei RF- 1200 was manufactured so that there was no proper avenue for ventilation which has been readjusted in the RF- 1400.

The Proper ventilation and the linen system used will ensure less odor due to sweat whenever you wear it.

Using this helmet, you can be assured of a great ride on your motorcycle because of the reduction in noise due to air movement using the Vortex Generator Technology.

AGV Pista GP RR Carbon Helmet

If you are the type that loves the helmets that are worn by bikers in bike races then, you would love the AGV Pista.

The manufacturing of this helmet type is made in the same way that the bikers’ helmets are, so you are guaranteed top safety.

The safety, highly ventilated, and drag lowering features of the AGV Pista makes it undoubtedly one of the safest motorcycle helmets.

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Jarban Helmet

The last but not in any way, the least is the HJC RPHA 11 Pro Jarban helmet.

Imagine wearing a helmet that not only has an excellent ventilation system but also fights bacteria. Well, that’s what you will get when you put on the HJC RPHA helmet.

Combined with the above features, the fiber used in the manufacturing process will make it very light in weight when you wear it.

The ball is right in your court. Make the selection of your preferred helmet in this list of the safest motorcycle helmets. Go for the best! Go for gold!


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