The Haaland Phenomenon


Few young players generate as much expectation in world football as Erling Braut Haaland. The 20-year-old striker showed great talent while playing for RB Salzburg and attracted eyes from many clubs and fans around the world.

Lots of football fans thought that due to the Red Bull corporation having teams in different countries, the young Norwegian player would certainly go to one of them. RB Bragantino didn’t have any chances, as the energy drink company was just starting their project here in Brazil. RB Leipzig, on the other hand, was thought to be the favorite in the fight for the striker.

The Move to Germany

However, that was not exactly what happened. In the end, Haaland really went to Germany, but for the Yellow & Black side, Borussia Dortmund. Leipzig probably didn’t mind it back then, as they had Timo Werner who scored many goals for the club and helped them to stay in good positions during the last years. Now, things may be a little different. After the Werner departure to Chelsea, there’s a gap at Leipzig without a decisive striker.

Incredibly enough, the RB team managed to make it to the UCL semi final even without Werner, who preferred to go sooner to Chelsea instead of finishing the season with Leipzig. However, how would Leipzig be looking like with a center-forward of the caliber of Haaland commanding their attack?

Pretty good, for sure.

Borussia Dortmund, for example, are making the most of the youngster player. Erling Haaland has become an important part of the yellow and black team. Since his arrival, in the 2019-20 season, he has shown how important he could be. Some legends of the club, like Sebastian Kehl, have even compared him to Robert Lewandowski. Unfortunately, for Haaland, he won’t have the same time as Lewandowski had to adapt to the club and score goals.

Dortmund has been fighting for the Bundesliga title every year against Bayern Munich and have been struggling to keep up chasing the Bavarian Champs in recent years. The fans want the Bundesliga badly and many expect Haaland to be one of the main players who could help them become champions again. And they are not wrong.


The striker has already scored 18 goals in 21 matches for the club. Apart from that, he has been helping the team, giving assists or even creating opportunities for his teammates. Because of that, it became clear that Haaland doesn’t only want to score a lot of goals for the club, but also help the team win. Of course, goals will always be important to a striker.

But if we look at other strikers who can play the false nine role greatly as well – like Roberto Firmino -, we can see that Haaland could become a complete striker if he can master other perks other than only scoring goals.

The Norwegian should also consider improving his headers, as he usually struggles when he’s got aerial chances.

However, he’s pretty young and has a lot of room and time to evolve in these weak areas and become maybe the best striker in the world.

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