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The Health Benefits of Road Trips


Traveling is definitely one of the most rewarding and empowering activities for a lot of people. In addition to self-development, it also leads a person in making a lot of memories in his or her lifetime. One of the unique travel experiences that you can try is going on a road trip. It is a great way to give people a chance to discover places that they never knew existed. Hopping into a car and setting off on a new adventure is an amazing idea for the ultimate vacation.

In addition to having fun and discovering new places, road trips also come with many more benefits for a lot of people. It is a good way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, particularly if you feel bored, tired, or emotionally drained at some point in life due to your monotonous routine or stress from your work or personal life. A road trip is something that can give you opportunities to meet new people, relax, find new perspectives, and a lot more.

If you are wondering about what good road trips can do when it comes to people’s health, you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to give you the health benefits that you can get from embarking on a road trip, whether alone or with your friends or family.

Improves Memory

Biophilia is a person’s innate attraction to nature. It is what makes us want to connect with our natural surroundings, and it also explains the health benefits of being in nature and why people feel good during and after the experience. But biophilia’s benefits are not limited to people’s feelings, as it can also improve our memory.

Students at the University of Michigan were subjected to a memory test back in 2013. They were divided into two groups and were asked to take a walk in two different environments at the same time. One group walked down a city street, while the other group walked in an arboretum or a botanical garden that grows trees.

After taking a walk, the students all took a memory test upon their return, and the arboretum group did almost 20% better than the city group. That example was only a short walk among trees. Imagine driving through nature for even longer. It may have the same benefits, if not more.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

friends having fun in the car while on a road trip

When you travel to a new place or spend some time in nature, it helps your brain to stop worrying. Aside from that, it also improves your mood and promotes feelings of happiness. All of these factors decrease the release of a stress hormone called cortisol in the body. That is why when you go on a road trip, you may feel more relaxed, calm, and less anxious. In fact, even just taking a break from work helps you think about yourself and your relationships. Overall, a road trip may help reduce your stress levels and restore the body-mind connection.

Clears Mind

A road trip is an activity that may help keep your brain active. During a trip, your brain becomes more alert, starts rewiring itself, and its ability to learn new things rises vividly. These changes in the brain can help people think more clearly and help in making decisions fast. Therefore, if you feel like your mind is cloudy the past few days, maybe embarking on a road trip is something that will help you have a clear mind.

Exposure to Fresh Air and Sunshine

After being stuck in the office the whole day, every day, your body will greatly benefit from some time outdoors. When you go on a road trip, you will have the chance to breathe in fresh air and feel the sun on your face. These things can help your body heal and detoxify from weeks or months of unhealthy eating and pollution. Aside from that, you will also be able to get enough vitamin D to keep your body energized and running effectively. Therefore, if you feel like you are not getting enough fresh air and sunshine, maybe planning a road trip to see nature, beaches, and mountains is the best idea.

More Exercise

Unlike going on a cruise or riding a plane, road trips can offer more physical activities to travelers. This is not about the hours on the road, but the things or activities in between that you can do, and the main destination itself.

Therefore, if you are thinking of going on a road trip, pick a place where you can stretch your legs and soak up the sights. You can visit national parks and go hiking. Plan a road trip that involves seeing beautiful sights and physical activity like kayaking, swimming, surfing, or camping. All of these will give you the benefit of taking in the scenery and getting some exercise after spending long hours in the car.

Improve Sleep Quality

One of the main health benefits of going on a road trip is the chance to improve your sleep quality. When you are on vacation, you usually have a more relaxed and carefree attitude, which may lead to better sleep. In addition to that, the motion of the car can also lull you into a peaceful slumber, particularly if you are the one driving. When you ride a plane or a train, it can be difficult to get comfortable and sleep. But when you are in a car, you can adjust the seats and find a position that will work best for you if you want to rest. Therefore, when traveling with a group, it is a good idea to take turns driving to allow everyone to get some rest and wake up refreshed.

Promotes Happiness

Going on a road trip, particularly with your friends or family is something that can make you feel excited. It gives you freedom from your dull daily routine and makes you happy and more satisfied. The sunlight, greenery, natural environment, and fresh air can all help increase the release of a happy hormone called serotonin in the body. That is why when you are on a road trip with your loved ones, your body feels relaxed and satisfied.

Keeps You Away from Gadgets

Most people today spend a good part of their days using their gadgets, which can be quite unhealthy. People who are heavy users of these technologies are likely to experience a lot of stress and sleep disturbances. Others may also display symptoms of depression. When you embark on a road trip, you will be able to avoid looking at the screens of your gadgets for a long period as your eyes will be focused on the road. Also, even when you are not driving, the beautiful sights and sceneries outdoors are going to be too good to pass up in favor of looking at your phone.

Promotes a Positive Mindset

When you take some time to get away from your daily routine, you give yourself a chance to see the world differently. When you get separated from the mundane and the typical, all of the things you’ll come across on your trip are new, exciting, and ready to be discovered. The excitement of a road trip will allow you to delve deeper into the adventure and will keep you in a more positive mindset.


A well-planned road trip is indeed one of the most enjoyable moments that people can experience. It is a relatively affordable and accessible way to travel but also has a lot of good effects on your health. Now that you are aware of the health benefits that you can get from embarking on a road trip, it is now time to choose a destination and plan activities for your upcoming road trip with your friends or family. We hope this article helped you learn more about the health benefits of road trips.

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