The Hippest Motorcycles for College Students

Reveling in your reckless college time is the fleeting pleasure every student clings to, with its intellectual campus walks, writing services like YOUR ANCHOR, and rebellious parties. All stereotypes, archetypes, and biases about student life left aside, this memorable period is something people want to shelter in their memories for a lifetime. And, inspired by the legendary teen movies, the real college lifestyle has adopted a number of fancy characteristics that make it even more spell-binding. As one of the trending attractions of students, the motorcycle craze is something almost every college “bad guy” indulges in.

Pioneered by the iconic James Dean, the most wanted rebel of 1950s Hollywood, the quintessential image of a college daredevil riding a gleaming motorbike has driven action-hungry students to get the hang of this epic craft. And if you feel like you belong to the world’s free-spirited and wayward gang of tough wheelers, don’t miss out on the top list of killer bikes to go wild on prepared by the EssayShark writers!

2019 Harley Davidson Iron 1200 – Classy Classics

“A Little Bit Retro, A Little Bit Cafè, And a Little Bit Gangster”

There’s no other motorcycle company other than “old man” Harley Davidson that could be honored to enter our list first. And we are pretty sure that the same would happen to anyone’s top bikes list. The excellence and uniqueness of its products have made this Milwaukee-based company a veritable legend of the motorcycle enterprise. And in 2019, this giant manufacturer surpassed itself by dazing the world with the upgraded and refined version of the products of its Sportster family – the stunning and elegant Iron 1200. Its upgraded design, so stylish yet so vintage, is what makes this motorcycle series an exemplar of the seamless blend of latest fashions and timeless old school culture.

2019 Honda CB300R – Going in Style

The state-of-the-art design of another novelty of our hit parade, the cutting-edge Honda CB300R motorbike, must be the second crucial factor making riders splurge on this trendy vehicle. The slim burnished facets of its large gas tank make it look as if it was carved out of a neon diamond, while the soft leather seat is akin to that of a high-end sedan. These are the striking elements of its Neo-Sports design, as Honda dubbed it. Having a more upright seating position, this model is more comfy than its predecessors and thus more attractive. Besides, CB300R is much easier to manage, owing to the agility that comes with super-light weight.

Yamaha YZF R3 – In Luxurious Motion

Yamaha YZF

It’s the lavish sporty aesthetics and the unbridled speed this outstanding vehicle surfs down highways with that have made this model a statement of exceptional gracefulness. In Yamaha’s YZF R3, power comes from the renowned 321-cc cylinder engine, which is married to a smooth six-speed. The suspension of this model is supported by an inverted KYB front fork, which provides a smoother ride and an enhanced capability on tight corners.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 401

Produced by the famous Swedish brand with a long and impressive history, this model is the best bet for avid urban riders. The vehicle is equipped with seventeen-inch wheels and durable Pirelli tires and adopts a mid-sized, entry-level cafe racer style. It’s also worth stressing that, rendered from Swedish, the brand’s name Svartpilen means “black arrow,” which perfectly defines the ease and charm with which it rushes down the sparkling concrete jungle.

In a Nutshell

Imagine changing the regular path of your commute to college. Instead of using a bus, you astound your peers by bowling down the campus alleys on your extravagant vehicle, just like Johnny Depp’s fearless character in “Cry Baby” did. Or, you take a sunset ride down the good old neighborhood road, and admire the beauty of the quaint and cozy housing, following the epic example of Tom Cruise as a fearless pilot in “Top Gun.” As cloying as these images of suave men riding motorbikes are, why not bring these defining experiences to life after taking your pick from our list?