The Importance Of Monitoring The Condition Of Haul Roads


The condition of a haul road will play a significant role in the safety, effectiveness, and productivity of machinery. Monitoring haul roads is always going to be a challenge if there are no proper structures put in place to facilitate the process. That is why you should be looking for solutions for Road Condition Monitoring Systems – PROOF Engineers if you want to ensure the safety and efficiency of the machinery on site.

There are several ways you can ensure that the haul road is an asset and some of them include:

Designing them Right

This is perhaps the most important consideration when looking at improving the efficiency of haul roads. A good haul road should have drainage ditches on either side, superelevated curves, safety berms, and a crowned straight section. When the haul road is designed right, there will be minimal need for constant monitoring which can sometimes overwhelm the resources that have been allocated for that particular project.

Using Proper Materials

The right material should be used in the preparation and the maintenance of the roadbed. The tires can sink if the surface beneath the haul road is soft and moist. This will ultimately slow the production and will also lead to an increased wear and tear of the rubber. The material to be used in the construction of the road will depend on the soil of that particular area and also the weather. Proper planning is necessary to ensure that the implementation is done right.

Keep them Clean

The haul roads need to be kept clean at all times. This could be a challenge given their nature. Every mining site needs to make it a priority in ensuring that the haul road is free from debris or any kind of rocks. The haul road should also be free from spillage, gullies, puddles, ruts, and potholes. That is why it is important to invest in monitoring systems so that potential problems can be addressed as soon as they happen.

Keep the Watered

Haul roads are known to be dusty. You can take care of this problem by ensuring that they’re watered regularly. This will allow for efficiency when the trucks are running and also promote safety which is crucial in mining operations. Caution should be exercised when watering haul roads. Excess water will lead to increased rolling resistance which will slow down the machines, hence making it difficult to drive.

Educating Operators

Motor grader engineers will need to be properly trained on how to handle haul roads.  Truck operators will also need to be made aware of how their driving habits could potentially interfere with the integrity of the haul roads. The operators will need to be educated on how to handle speeds and weight. They also need to know how to check the desired tire pressure and ensure the haul roads are free from rocks and debris.

Investing in Monitoring and Maintenance

Poorly maintained haul roads could lead to damages to the trucks and moving machinery. As a company, it is imperative that you invest in the monitoring and maintenance of haul roads. Here are some of the benefits you get from monitoring the conditions of the haul roads:

Reducing Operational Risks: Haul roads can be dangerous if they’re not well maintained. There is heavy and dangerous machinery that are used in mining and construction. You will be exposing the workers to more risk when there are rocks and debris on the haul road. If it is above ground mining, you can be exposing those who are below to airborne elements. Regular and consistent monitoring will help in mitigating operational risks, injuries to employees, and damages to the machinery.

Damaging Effects: Poorly maintained haul roads could lead to damaging effects on machinery over time.  Their lifespan and performance will be compromised. Renting or owning such machinery is very expensive. The same can be said for the repairs. You don’t want a mining job stopping in the middle because of failed machinery. 

There is a need for proper road and dust conditioning monitoring so that issues are addressed as soon as they crop up. Having a human do all the all work can be time-consuming and sometimes unreliable. There are road condition monitoring systems which can be used to manage traffic systems for maximum efficiency in operations. These systems will not only increase productivity but will also enhance the safety of operations in a mining field.

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