The Little Things You Can Do that Will Get You Closer to Buying Your Dream Car


Do you have a dream car, one you’ve always admired and wanted to own? Perhaps you lust after a sleek, red Ferrari or a Porsche? Maybe a luxury car like a Bentley or Rolls Royce, or even a classic from past decades, something that inspired you when you were young? Having a dream car is one thing, and being able to afford one is another! We’ve got some ideas that might get you nearer to owning your dream car, so let’s get started!

Start a Savings Pot

This may sound like common sense – and it is – but how much of your earnings do you actually save? It’s not an easy thing to do when there are bills to pay, yet there’s a way you can start saving money regularly. Think carefully about what you spend money on that is not essential. Perhaps you enjoy a few beers with friends or a bottle of wine every now and then? Maybe you like to eat out or get a take-away meal?

Let’s say you get a pizza in every now and then. How often do you do so? Once a week, possibly more? Here’s an idea: cut down on the non-essentials – maybe have one less take-away a week or a couple of drinks fewer than you normally would – and put that money in your savings pot instead. It might not seem much to start with, but as it builds up, you’ll be surprised how much you can put aside – and that’s the starting point for your dream car purchase!

Consider Second-Hand

It’s a fact that as soon as a new car leaves the showroom it starts to depreciate in value. That might not be the case with very rare models, but it is in general. Let’s take a typical ‘dream car’, the Porsche 911. Available in a massive variety of models and specifications, the 911 is a classic of all time. However, it’s not a particularly rare car, and as such you can find a good second-hand model at surprisingly affordable prices.

Look at, for example, a 20-year-old Porsche 911 – find one with a good service history that has been well-maintained – and compare the price to that of a new, high-spec family sedan. You’ll find the difference is not much! Buying used is one way of getting a dream car at a sensible price, though we recommend you check things out in detail and make sure you budget for upkeep.

Win Money On Online Slots

Are we really suggesting gambling as a way of earning money to buy a dream car? Hear us out, we’ve thought this through! Many online casinos offer great welcome bonuses including matching your first (and sometimes further) deposit and giving you free spins. What do we mean by free spins? We’re talking about actual free play for real money. They do it to keep you onboard, rather than going to other casinos. Some casinos will even offer you a no deposit free spins bonus, which means that you can play for real without even depositing.

But there’s the great thing: all online casinos offer a welcome bonus deal, so you can sign up with a few and get hundreds of free spins! Of course, you’re not guaranteed to win, but if you research the games that are available you can play those that give you the best chance. Look for the RTP rating – that’s return to player – and the higher it is, the more chances of winning. There are some that offer genuinely achievable jackpots for casual amounts, and with free spins you are saving money while enjoying a game – and potentially winning!

Pick Your Dream Car Carefully

The above are just a few ideas that you can use to make or save money towards your dream car, and before we go, we have one more piece of advice: be prepared to lower your sights. What do we mean by this? Take the Porsche 911 example above. If a 911 is out of your reach, look for a different model of Porsche. The Porsche Boxster, for example, is something of a bargain right now. Find one that has been cared for, and you’ll be buying a car that is superb to drive, affordable to buy and not expensive to maintain, yet it’s still a Porsche!

We hope you find your dream car soon, so start saving now.

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