The Pros and Cons of Custom Car Wraps

A lot of people would never think about having their car wrapped, but it’s often because they don’t understand what these are and their benefits. In reality, there are many reasons why you should consider opting for a custom car wrap over a paint job. Those who are thinking of the option also need to know the drawbacks of custom car wraps, so they don’t end up disappointed. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of custom car wraps before you can make a decision.


Pro – They Can Protect Your Car

Some people may believe that a vinyl car wrap could damage a car’s paint, but it’s the opposite. A good car wrap could actually help protect it from things like sunlight and scratches. It can also protect against things like bird droppings, which can be disastrous for a car’s finish. The best part is that you can remove it whenever you want and reveal the car’s original color. This could be helpful if you wanted a funky paint job but didn’t want to deter potential buyers.

Con – Results May Vary

You have to work with the right people when getting your vehicle wrapped. You need a team that’s both great with designs and installation. A bad team will give you cheap-looking graphics and there might be issues with how the wrap is installed. No team is perfect, and there are cases where imperfections are inevitable, but a good installer will be able to minimize their appearance. 

Here, we would suggest you check out custom car wraps from Remix Wraps. Companies like this can handle both domestic or commercial jobs and will make sure that you’re satisfied with the final results.

Pro – Great for Branding

Custom car wrapping could be one of your strongest branding assets. There’s a reason why transportation-related industries spend so much time and effort on the way their vans look. 

Some people can build a name and advertise primarily with their fleet. If you’re in the trade, this could be one of the most effective advertising tools in your arsenal. Having vehicles with your contact information will instantly build awareness and increase the number of inquiries you get.

Con – Visible Damage

There’s one issue with vinyl wraps that many people overlook. Some people may want a car wrap that’s completely different from the car’s original color. That’s fine, but you have to know that there could be issues if the wrap is damaged.

If there’s a tear and the color underneath contrasts strongly with the wrap, then it will stand out even more. A good vinyl wrap should be resistant to tears, but they happen, so that’s something you’ll have to keep in mind.

Pro – It’s a Simple Process

You could have your car entirely wrapped with a custom graphic in as little as a day. A paint job will take you more time than that. If you have a vehicle that you use every day, you don’t want to cancel business because you’re having it painted. Car wraps will fix that for you.

These are just some of the pros and cons of custom car wraps. Make sure that you take them into consideration and work with an expert team who’ll be able to explain things in-depth for you.