The Ugliest Cars Ever Made


Everyone has his or her own tastes when it comes to things, especially about cars. There are lots of art involved in designing how cars look and it takes a sharp eye to make a beautiful car with a symphony of elegant curves and lines that all flow to initiate a reaction in the people who would see it. There are many wonderful and beautiful cars that have been made over the years. But there are also cars that come along which are universally agreed to be hideous, ugly or absolutely atrocious-looking. Today, we are going to give you a quick look at some of the ugliest cars ever made.

Jensen S-V8

This is the most recent car carrying the name Jensen. It’s a two-seater convertible that was launched at the 1998 British International Motor Show. However, this car looks as though all of its body panels were sourced from different cars. It looks like they have just put together random car parts without specifying where the parts needed to come from. It is an unsightly looking wreck. They even planned a coupe version of this car, but they’ve been into troubles with this one that’s why they never saw the light of day to produce another one.

Mitsuoka Orochi

This is a Japanese sports car that is designed and built by Mitsuoka Motors as a concept car in 2001. Its name came from the mythical Yamata no Orochi which is an 8-headed Japanese dragon. They categorized this car as a “Fashion-Super Car”, however, it looks terribly ill. It looks like the sort of eyesore that would result if someone decided that they want to go for a swim in a pool of nerve gas.

Pontiac Aztek

This car is a mid-size crossover that was advertised by General Motors from model years 2001 to 2005. But if you set out to build a car that violated every principle of aesthetics, you would find it difficult to beat the Pontiac Aztek. This car looks like the spawn of an unholy union between a Transformers toy and a Dustbuster vacuum with its slab-sided, hunchbacked and perched on roller-skate-sized wheels. It’s also known as one of the worst cars made in the 2000s.

Fiat Multipla

This is a compact MPV produced by Italian Automaker Fiat from 1998 to 2010. And it is one of the ugliest cars ever designed. It is a mini-van that has a strange separation of headlights. Its front end looks like the bill of a giant duck, or we can say an ugly duckling. This is something that can even be considered subjective because every person may agree that it is one of the ugliest things they’ve ever seen and not even just the ugliest car.

Nissan Cube

This is a mini MPV produced by Nissan since 1998. This car might have the weirdest assembly of different shapes out there. It’s like a box without corners and has wheels with four ninety-degree spokes in the shape of a plus sign. The shape of the car is a box but its windows are rounded. Then, it has bumper flares making it seem like the producer doesn’t want the car to be too square. It’s really difficult to imagine how this car was made.

Bond Bug

This one is a small British two-seat, three-wheeled automobile that was built from 1970 to 1974. Its name Bond Bug does not have anything to do with secret agent 007. It was built after Reliant purchased the Bond Motor Company and they wanted to builda “fun car”. Well, it doesn’t really look that fun for most people.

Corbin Sparrow

This car is battery-powered and was designed especially for commuting and city driving. This car is said to go more than 150 miles on one charge. That’s actually great, however, when you look at its snout nose and jelly bean body, you’d just want to keep it in your garage.

AMC Gremlin 

This is an American subcompact automobile that was introduced in 1970. It may well be the most badly proportioned car ever made. If you look at its side, you can imagine a doorstop, a wedge cheese, or a badly-designed running shoe. Its rear end was even worse because it ends with an unexpected, oddly calculated angle which made the car look as though the manufacturer had given up. 

Suzuki X-90

This car was produced by Suzuki from 1995 to 1997. This car is a strange combination of contrasting automotive forms. It has the front end of a Japanese economy car while its rear end bears a resemblance to a miniature pickup with a wing bolted onto its tail, which is really not very nice to look at. It’s one of the worst cars made in the 90s.

Nissan Murano Cabriolet

This car was premiered at the 2010 Los Angeles International Auto Show and they marketed it as the “world’s first all-wheel-drive crossover convertible”. The target audience of this car was supposedly middle-aged and accomplished women. However, the car did not appeal to anybody. It’s as if they just took a crossover and chopped the roof off, making it look like some kind of bulky loafer.

Plymouth Prowler

This car is retro-styled and was manufactured and marketed by DaimlerChrysler from 1997 to 2002. And it is one of the ugliest cars that have ever been put into production. It’s really difficult to understand how it looked good enough to sell to consumers and why would anyone buy one of these terrible cars. It’s also difficult to imagine how the maker of this car conceptualized its shape and form.

Marcos Mantis M70

This is a sports car produced by the British car company Marcos Engineering. It was introduced in 1968. This car looks like a terribly bad cut-and-shut of about 3 to 4 different cars. Its front face does not match the bonnet, which does not match the cabin, which does not match the rear. It also looks like it has inflated lips and eyelids. It’s difficult to imagine what the designers and manufacturer were thinking when they designed and made this car.

These are some of the ugliest cars ever made that we found. Well, aesthetics is the most subjective thing about a car. Meaning, there’s no right or wrong answer whether they look good or not. But the cars we have in this list are those which a lot of people agreed to be ugly. After seeing these cars, which of them have you cringed the most?

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