The Ultimate Car Quiz – Test Your Knowledge!


Think you know your cars? Test your knowledge in our Ultimate Car Quiz.

Q1 – A Minor Question to Begin a Major Quiz!

The Morris Minor was a ubiquitous car in its day, becoming the family runabout for tens of thousands of British families throughout the fifties, sixties and beyond. Who hated its design so much they compared its looks to ‘a poached egg’?

Q2 – A Little Question about a Little British Car

The world changed when the British Motor Company’s first Mini rolled off the production line, but what year was that?

Q3 – How Well Do You Know Jaguar’s Famous E-Type?

Possibly the most beautiful sports car ever produced, the Jaguar E-type is a quintessential classic that first hit the roads in 1961 and was one of the fastest road cars in the world at the time. What was its claimed top speed?

Q4 – Lots of Trouble, Usually Serious (LOTUS)

Lotus had a history of producing fast and beautiful cars that were notoriously unreliable. They joined forces with American Manufacturers on a couple of occasions to redesign an existing car that had the reliability a major manufacturer offers. This was the Lotus Cortina and the…?

Q5 – Re-inventing the Steering Wheel

The Austin Allegro was designed and engineered to be the British car of the future, with millions of pounds going into its research, development and marketing. It was a colossal failure, famous for being more aero-dynamic going backwards than forwards. What shape was its steering wheel?

Q6 – The Car is the Star

Many British cars have become famous for their roles in television and movies, from James Bond’s Aston Martins, to the Ford Capri in ‘The Professionals’ and the Minis in ‘The Italian Job’. What car did ‘Inspector Morse’ drive?

Q7 – The Modern British Car Industry’s New Look

Since the 1990s, Britain has lost ownership of all its high-volume car manufacturers to foreign marques like BMW and Tata Industries. Britain still produces tens of thousands of cars a year in factories across the country for Japanese and American brands, amongst others. Read here the most popular cars that were manufactured in the 50s. Now here’s the question: which Japanese car manufacturer owns a large factory in Sunderland?

Q8 – No Car Drives Like a Hire Car

Britain is full of hire cars and company cars on lease, with thousands of cars driving the roads of the United Kingdom you can hire a car for as little as £65 per day from sites like, & Which Vauxhall car has consistently been the number one hire vehicle in Britain for nearly 20 years?

Q9 – When it Comes to Sports Cars, Blackpool Rocks!

Blackpool is a Northern seaside town with an engineering history – the Blackpool Tower is a monument to steel and construction that dominates the Blackpool seafront. Which British Sports Car manufacturer was based in the town?

Q10 – Setting Records at the Speed of Sound

Richard Noble brought the land speed record back to Britain on the 4th October 1983 in the British designed and built Thrust II. His team broke their own record, and the sound barrier, in 1997 with their next car. What was it called?

How have you done? Check the answers below to see how well you know your cars in The Ultimate Car Quiz.

1 – Morris Motors Chairman, William Morris

2 – August 1959

3 – 150mph

4 – Lotus Carlton

5 – Square

6 – Jaguar Mk II

7 – Nissan

8 – The Vauxhall Astra

9 – TVR

10 – The Thrust SSC

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